Walking on Egg Shells!!!

So today at work was crazy, it was like walking on egg shells. The company that I am working for right now to earn money until I get my call laid like 10-15 people off. It was like an utter ghost town. I tell you its scary when you see it happen around you. Just telling them to leave and not being able to say goodbyes etc. I was so glad to leave that place when I got off at five. Complete and utter craziness today. Its so sad too right around the holiday season and many of them are single moms etc. But enough about that, life is good. I love the new show Three Wishes. Amy Grant really has made some awesome dreams come true and it was no exception tonight. Well not much else happening except a possibility of a job at a church in Fargo, ND. Sunday they will let me know if they want me to interview and stuff. Its weird because I have a good feeling about this but dont want to get my hopes up so not going to say anything. Miss you all lots. Hope you are enjoying the Advent season and are not to bogged down by the end of the semester. Well suppose I should go back to chatting with my sis. Miss you lots! God bless!

One thought on “Walking on Egg Shells!!!

  1. Gah!!! Corporate greed!!! To hell with the poor working mothers, your company needs to increase it’s profits!! That is completely against what Christ taught. And it saddens me deeply.

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