Valued and Valuable!

I was just reading another friend’s blog and it got me thinking. On this friends blog, she asks the question,what makes you valuable? After reading her post, it really got me think. What truly makes me valuable. I guess when I think about, I feel valuable when my friends want to spend time and come to me with advice. I love being there for them even if that just means sitting with them in silence. I feel valuable when I can help someone else. I love being with children especially babies. I guess in a way I feel valuable when someone trusts me enough to hold their child. I also feel valuable getting down and dirty. I dont know that I’d ever let anyone from my family know this, but I honestly feel valuable when I can help on the farm whether picking rocks or driving a tractor or even chasing cows! What makes you feel valuable?

I also wonder about life. Will I ever find Mr. Right and when do will he make me feel valuable? I hope so! I know that it will happen in time but Im at that time in my life when everyone around me is getting married or having children. I absolutely hate being the fifth wheel! I am so ready to settle down but I’ve come to the realization that it will happen when it is suppose to happen. God is probably preparing someone special for me who will totally make me feel valued!

Again what makes you feel valuable?

2 thoughts on “Valued and Valuable!

  1. Hey! Thanks for reflecting on my blog post! That’s cool. That “holding babies” thing is an interesting thing to think about. It’s true though. Babies are thought to be so “helpless,” and yet, they offer so much w/o even realizing it. 🙂 Hope all is going well. See you later.

  2. Can you imagine how much God values you? I had a hard time thinking of a lot of things that make me feel valuable. Of course there are some, but we are always our worst critics, but the thought of how God feels about us gives me the tingles. Very deep…I know,, and from an elementary teacher no less!


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