I am linking up for the Five Minute Friday. The FMF is hosted by Kate Motaung over at our Five Minute Friday website. Today’s word prompt is “vacation.” We would love to have you join us.

Colorado for continuing ed classes, Houston Texas for the youth gathering. The last part of my June has been busy. I love being in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. I love being with my youth and getting to see so many of my friends from seminary, prior calls, etc. Yet my friends, I’m tired. I’m still recovering from the Gathering. Seriously, I took a 6 hour nap on Monday!

In a few weeks, my sister and I along with our aunt and uncle will head out for our vacation. NYC, here we come! NYC has been on my bucket list for forever. I’m excited to explore the city. I’m super stoked to see Wicked on Broadway. We also plan on spending some time at the 9-11 memorial.

My sister and I started the sisters vacation about four years ago. We’ve been to Nashville, Mount Rushmore and the Badlands of South Dakota, and Chicago. We have so much fun and I’m sure NYC will be the same.

This summer has been so full of travel for me. I may need a vacation from my vacation after all the trips have been finished! And after all this travel talk, I think I might need to go take another nap!

18 thoughts on “Vacationing

  1. AHHHH. Enjoy your time with your sisters in NYC (and you’ll laugh (maybe) when you see the topic of my post today). I love Wicked and my visit to the memorial was so very meaningful. I’m sure you’ll find the same. My friend Rob’s post about visiting the memorial was especially helpful to read in advance of my visit: I want to hear ALL about it (regardless of what my blog today says LOL). I’ll be praying for a safe journey for you.

  2. NYC will be da bomb! Can’t wait to hear and see your updates! Nice post altogether… maybe I’ll play later. Stay chill!

  3. Tara, The NYC trip will be so great! I’ve been there three times, and it was amazing both times. We dream of going with our whole family one day too. I visited twice in my younger years before children back in the early 2000s. My rec would be to make time for the Rockefeller Center tour. It was really neat behind the scenes. My other rec is to dine at whatever cafe/bar and grill/restaurant appeals to you. Walk up, check out the menu, and do it. Don’t worry about tour books/recs. We found better luck and enjoyed the food more at the ones we picked ourselves. I hope you get well rested before that trip. We know the busy schedule of June too. I am glad July is moving more slowly. Happy summer! My mom heads from FL to ND next week for her 50 year high school class reunion. Talk about a milestone! I hope we live to that ripe older age and still travel too.
    Love, FMF friend JKC

    • Cool! I’m excited to finally be checking NYC off my travel bucket list. We are going with our aunt and uncle who go at least once a year. Me too friend! Me too!

  4. I loved visiting Colorado. I am sure that you will love NYC. I agree with you that staying rested up is important during a season of travel. I have noticed that traveling helps me appreciate home more once I get back from a trip.


  5. I get it-needing a nap after a youth conference! Sometimes you need a vacation after a vacation! I will miss seeing you on your vacation this year but have fun in NYC!

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