Unwind the Roots

The roots grab hold and take hold; twisting and winding their way around the root of the plant. The roots plunge into the soil and often it is impossible to pull them out. The roots twisting and winding their way are how the world around me feels. Bound by a world of injustice, hatred and evil!

Evil takes hold. Hatred falls from our mouths and often roots itself where it is not wanted. Grief has a way of taking hold and rooting itself in our hearts too. Just this past year, grief has wound its way around my heart as I have lost friend, after friend, after friend. I am working my way through pulling and weeding the roots that are wrapped around my heart in the midst of grief. It seems these roots are bound so tightly and I wonder if I will ever be able to release them.

So as we walk to the manger and to the birth of Jesus, I find myself asking Jesus to take hold in the hearts of the world. There is so much violence. There is so much hatred. There is so much war. There is just so much that needs to be removed from our world.

Yes, there are glimpses of hope. But often those glimpses are overshadowed by the deep roots that have infiltrated our world. These deep roots that are impossible to pull out and remove.

I find myself turning to Jesus; the hope on which all is found; through his blood and righteousness. I cry out, Jesus root love into our hearts. Jesus plant the seeds of hope. Unwind the roots from evil. Root peace, kindness and justice into our lives and into this broken world.

Unwind the roots….Bring forth the bright morning star!

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