Unsettling Days

These days are unsettling. The lights in a Bethlehem are no longer burning bright. The city of peace has lost her light. To those in power, do you know what you are doing? What you have done?

A football player pledges allegiance to God and not the flag. So many think he is wrong while others understand what he is kneeling for. Unsettling arguments….whose right and whose wrong?

An unsettled world for so many. Unsettling days for women, black individuals, LGBTQ people. Unsettling because the world treats them awfully. The world is unsettled; for they  have forgotten what it means to truly listen to one another.

And it all began with Jesus who was born in an unlikely place to an unlikely woman. This precious Jesus who came to turn the world upside down. This one who unsettled the world for a reason.  But I think we have forgotten why Jesus came to the world in the first place? We have forgotten that this is unsettling is unlike the unsettling days of today. This unsettling born in a manger in Bethlehem calls us to shut up and listen.

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