Unexpected Blessings Friday Five

Name five things that were unexpected in your life that you are now grateful for.

1. Seminary! I never in a million years thought God would call me to seminary but that is what happened. It has blessed my life in so many ways. I met some of my bestest friends while at seminary. I grew into the woman of faith that I am today there. I heard my call to Diaconal Ministry there. Wow….who would have ever thought I would end up there but it truly has blessed my life!

2. Corky- My dad’s new wife…I never thought mom and dad would get divorced but they did. Cork (her birth name is Cordell) is in no way my mom but she has been such a blessing to my sister and I.

3. Mom’s illness—I find myself thinking it’s odd for me to write this as an unexpected blessing but in some ways mom’s nervous breakdown has been that. If I could take it back, yeah, I probably would…I don’t like seeing mom sick etc. However when mom was sick, I took care of my sister. I looked out for Andrea. I grew up much faster which I wish wouldnt have had to happen but the reality is all of this stuff has made me into the woman I am today!

4. Thanksgiving with friends-The first Thanksgiving by myself I thought was going to be me chilling by myself but thankful I have wonderful friends who unexpectedly invite me to their holiday dinner. Thank you for such an unexpected blessing!

5. Im having a hard time coming up with my 5th one….I guess for me it probably will be when I finally meet my Mr. Right. Being single for so long I know what I want etc so the singleness in a way is an unexpected blessing!

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  1. Since I am the mother who had the "mental breakdown" which I call depression, I am relieved to read that you found your mother's illness a blessing in retrospect. I sometimes feel guilty for those years of depression when my third (of four) child was in his adolescence and probably needed me more than I could manage at the time. He's 25 now. Fun to read your list of surprises.

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