Twitter, Journaling Bibles, and Weather

I am linking up for the Five Minute Friday. The FMF is hosted by Kate Motaung on her blog Heading Home. Today’s prompt is “first.”

Tonight was the first FMF Twitter of the new year. I missed these people so much, They are so indeed my people. I love our conversations. I love how we always love on each other and support each other. We prayed for early contractions to cease. We talkd about food, and Christmas breaks and car break downs and journaling Bibles and so much more.

I think I might try a new first for me; trying a journaling Bible. I am no artist, but as a FMF friend reminded me, you were created by a creator so you are a creative. So I think I want to try my hand at a journaling Bible soon. Have you tried a journaling Bible yourself?

The weather here is suppose to shift this weekend. It is to get below zero; with windchill they are talking negative 30 degrees below zero. A first for this winter. We have been spoiled with such great weather. Luckily it is suppose to return to above average temperatures again next week.

There are so many firsts that we experience in our lives. Tonight I am typing a blog post using a brand new keyboard for my Ipad…and am loving it. Another new first. Firsts come throughout the ages of our lives. Firsts come in the first time we ride a bike with no training wheels. Firsts come in a new tooth or our first tooth or our first words. First comes in moving and getting our first real job. Firsts happen all the time, don’t they.

And in all of these firsts, I find joy and peace and most especially hope. So I will continue to “embrace” all the firsts in my life.

34 thoughts on “Twitter, Journaling Bibles, and Weather

  1. 🙂 You make me smile, Tara! Indeed, firsts happen all the time and if we don't embrace them and celebrate them, we'll miss out on so much in life! So, hip, hip, hooray for you and your new keyboard!

  2. I love how you embrace life! Yes, so many firsts. It's going to get cold here this weekend, too. The first below-zero night. But there's hope, right? Glad we can experience some firsts together! Enjoy your new keyboard and your new journaling Bible (if you get one). Blessings dear friend!

  3. I have a journaling Bible and I love it! It is for just that creative journaling. Helps bring life to my reading and it is something fun that I can do with my four year old during his art time at home and incorporate the Bible into everyday activities and teaches him that the Bible is fun and inspiring!!

  4. tara, i enjoyed hearing about your firsts:) one thing that makes me happy is to know that it is highly unlikely our winter will get down to 30 below! brrrrrrr! hope your new year is going well:)

  5. Lovely post Tara! I haven't taken a stab at the journal Bible either! Have fun with that! I did miss our second son's FIRST lost teeth over this past weekend, but it was my husband and I's FIRST time skiing together without kids. So I'll let Granny and Grandpa take those sweet tooth fairy moments for us in trade for snow time with my husband. We rejoiced in the cold. We have heat in FL. Grass is always greener! NOT dismissing the frigid cold of ND. I've been there for those temps too. I do not know how people live there?! You are a gem! Shine on and stay warm this weekend! love, jenn

    • Thanks Jennifer! I think it is totally fine that you missed your second son's first lost tooth since you were skiing for the first time without kids. I'll bet you would totally welcome the cold since it is hot in FL. I know you have experienced the frigid cold yourself since you have spent time in ND.

  6. Love that you're going to journal through the Bible – I've been so intrigued by that but I also have used the excuse of "I'm not an artist…" Hoping you'll share some of your creations! Happy new year!

  7. I'm trying out Bible journaling as well, except it's literally me writing out my thoughts about the passage. I'm not very artistic either, so I'm going with what I know. Happy New Year!

  8. I like how you connected hope to firsts. This can be so true. I've never done the journaling bible thing but I agree, no special talents required. You'll be surprised at what God reveals, I'm sure.

  9. "Firsts happen all the time."

    Don't know why exactly, but this hits me. I think maybe it's because, in my anxiety, I'm so often not in the moment. I miss things. I'll take this as yet another reminder to slow down and be present.

    • It is always interesting to see what words hit my friends. I can totally understand how when you are struggling with your anxiety, it is hard to be in the moment. Glad my words are helping you to slow down and be present.

  10. Bible journalling sounds interesting. It's something I've considered taking up, only too much looking at inspiring Pinterest pictures have kind of killed the initial enthusiasm. I'm no artist either but I'd love to be bold enough to give it a go, even if I kept the results strictly to myself! Are journalling bibles expensive and do you need special pens/pencils/ink or something to create on thin paper? Looking forward to hearing more about this 'first', Tara! As a naturally curious yet cautious person I might just need to embrace a few more creative firsts. Thanks for this inspiring post. 🙂 x

    • You know, I am not exactly sure how expensive they are. I will have to check on that and get back to you. From what I have seen, friends just use regular colored pencils etc. You are welcome for the inspiring post.

  11. 🙂
    "And in all of these firsts, I find joy and peace and most especially hope."
    So glad you are sharing joy peace and hope in the new year, Tara. I will embrace those with all my being!
    Great writing!
    (#53 in the FMF linkup this week)

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