Top 10 of 2006!

Seemed like all the cool kids where posting there top ten of the year so thought Id follow suit too and post my 12 most memorable events of the year. It’s been a crazy year. I cant believe it’s already 2007 and its been ten years since I graduated high school. Craziness!!

Jan-I was still working at SEI. In Jan, my hours got cut! 🙁

Feb-I intervieved at Zion over Super Bowl weekend. It was a crazy weekend but also totally worth it since that is where I ended up.

March-Zion officially extended a letter of call to me as their director of youth and family ministry.

April-April 23 is one of the most memorable days of this past year. It was the day that I was consecrated into the ministry of word and service and became the first Diaconal Minister in Western North Dakota. It was a glorious day filled with family and friends. I was so delighted that my sister surprised me and that my good friends C and L from seminary were able to come too!

May-I moved all my stuff to Beulah and got settled in to my new apartment building that just happens to be right across from the street. I really enjoy having my own place.

June-June 1 was the day I began work at Zion as their family and youth coordinator. I spent the first week helping out with Vacation Bible School and getting to know the kids. It was a great way for me to ease my way into the life of this congregation.

July-My sister came and visited me. Our mom, my sis and I drove out to camp for their annual quilt auction. It was a great day. I got to see some old friends. I also ended up buying another camp quilt. It was weird though that some of my old campers are now counselors. I love that place to death though.

August-August was a pretty quiet month until the end of the month. My first Rally Sunday at Zion took place and it actually went really well. We had a garden party which turned out awesome. So many people came that we had to put up more tables and almost ran out of food. It was a neat way to start out the year. Also got to see my good friend J when she was home for a little while from Guatemela!

Sept-My birthday! My good friend C and I met up in Sioux Falls SD and attended the LifeLight Festival. It was rainy almost the entire weekend but it was still a great way to hang out with a good seminary friend. We got to see Jeremy Camp, Casting Crowns, Rebecca St James, Audio A, etc. It was a great weekend and a great way to spend my bday!

Oct-My dad and his gf bought a house. They will move in sometime in the spring of 07.

Nov-I preached for the first time. The sermon is on the 11-30-06 blog entry if you want to check it out

Dec-I spent Christmas with my family. My sister was home etc. My sister and I finally got to see the inside of our dad’s new house. Its crazy how much larger it is than the house we grew up in. And so because of them moving, my sister and I had to move out everything we were storing there or pack up stuff so they could store it for us. It was quite the adventure. A and I found some pretty interesting and comical things but it also was kind of fun to go down the memory lane of our childhood.

I’m sure 07 will have many more adventures…my ten year high school reunion, attending the diaconal ministry conference in April in AZ, etc! May we all have a blessed 2007!

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