Today’s Two Cents

It’s been a crazy busy day today…funeral, young leaders event, council, and the list goes on. I’m so tired but thought I would post a quick little post to keep my readers happy. The weather around here has been so crappy the last week or so…rain, rain, and more rain. I wish the sun would just come out. It would make a huge difference around here. I don’t think people would be so sad, crabby, or whatever.

As for life, nothing new really is happening. It was interesting. At the young leaders event, we watched one of the Rob Bell videos which was fantastic. The conversation talked about living in the present and not dwelling so much on the past or looking to the future. It really hit the nail on the head for me and was something I needed to hear especially in light of my last blog post. Maybe I need to take that advice more to heart. Live for the moment and not dwell so much on what I yearn so much for. Just a thought!

One thought on “Today’s Two Cents

  1. rain rain go away! i agree that our moods would all be better if it were sunny.

    i also agree with living in the moment. i struggle with thinking about what is coming next for the boys that I forget about today…thanks

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