To the Artists and the Dreamers…..

A writer sits at her keyboard typing away; letting the words spill out onto the page.

A musician strums their guitar; sweet heavenly sounds permeate the air.

A photographer captures life and love; finding a way to capture life that we cannot always see on the other side of their camera lens.

A painter strokes their paintbrush against the canvas.

A videographer captures their subject’s story through their video camera.

A poet weaves words into stanzas creating beautiful poems.

Each artist creates using the gifts that God has given them. And in doing so, the Word is made flesh through the very artistic expressions God gives each one of us. That Word is manifested in so many various creative forms.

The gift is that God calls us to be artists and dreamers who live and love to find ways to share the Word made flesh in this world. Whether that be through our camera or video lens, through our music, through our paint strokes, through our words and in the many ways God calls us to create in this world.

Have you ever watched a painter or a musician or any artist in their element? It is almost impossible to put into words. The artist finds themselves escaping from this world into their own world creating and bringing the Word made flesh back into our world. So often the artist has this way of making us feel like we are at an event even when we are not.

The artists and the dreamers capture life through the Word made flesh in all they say and do. So often, the artists and dreamers are those behind the scenes who find ways to continue to capture the Word made flesh in our world.

So to the artists and dreamers, thank you….thank you for finding ways to capture the Word made flesh in this world. It is pure gift in this broken messed up world!

I am over at Mandy’s today talking about finding friendships when one is a leader in the church. I even give a shout-out to the my social media friends. I would love for you to come visit me over there.

12 thoughts on “To the Artists and the Dreamers…..

  1. Inspiring post. Sometimes it doesn't feel easy – in fact when we peel back a layer to expose a new level of vulnerability it can feel like maybe we should just give up and try again next year. Thanks for sharing.

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