Time For A New Do!

Do you ever get to a point in your life where you just get sick of the hair-do you have? It seems like there is always a time during the year when I feel that way and right now Im there. My hair is just getting to long for me. I don’t like to put too much work into it so I like something sassy but also easy to take care of. I just scheduled to get a hair cut this evening. I spotted this cute hair-do the other day on one of my fave shows and now do you think I can find a pic of it? Of course not!?! I know it’s one of the characters on one of the CSIs and her character often is called “Montana.” Does anyone know which CSI it is? IF not oh well, I just really liked her hair cut. Anyone who knows me got any ideas about how I should cut my hair. Well I should head to lunch!

2 thoughts on “Time For A New Do!

  1. You could just do like I do: Sit down in the chair, tell the stylist your preferences about not having to put a lot of work into the ‘do, and say, “surprise me!” 🙂 Good luck.

  2. no concrete advice, since i know you only from blog land, but as you probably have figured out, now is the time to get that shorter cut so it’ll be long enough to tie up off your neck when the hot weather arrives. let us know–maybe even post a pic, since you don’t don’t quite blog anonymously?

    ps i’m getting highlights again monday afternoon! how about you?

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