I know some of my readers asked for tidbits of information so here you go! I love my new job and I havent even started yet. I love it because the people have already made me feel so much a part of the community. Its unbelievable! They have found me an apartment thats just across the street from the church. Its a two bedroom apt with washer and dryer and they are only charging me $350 a month which isnt bad at all. Im so excited its crazy! A week from tonight I will be packing up since Friday next week I will be heading to Ashley to my dads to pack up some stuff and get ready for my consecration service. Its so crazy to think that I finally have reached that point in this journey. Several of my friends from Wartburg are going to road trip to ND for my consecration service which just makes me so happy. I miss them a lot if you havent been able to tell that from my last posts…LOL! Other than that, life has been pretty quiet just busy with my two jobs. I sure will be glad to leave them behind. However I will miss the people awhole lot! Tonight we went to a jr high school play and it was good. I really miss acting. Makes me itch to the be on the stage yet again. Hopefully I can get involved in community theater in my new home. But my friends my eyes are tired which means its time to head to bed.

2 thoughts on “Tidbits

  1. Tara, thanks for the updates. It’s great to hear about the journeys of those who have made it through seminary and are now awaiting this next step in their lives. Blessings as you prepare for this transition!

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