Thoughts on Hollywood Stars Today!

The Pastor I work with and I were talking about films yesterday. Our conversation turned a very intriguing conversation about film and how films portray families. At our church, we are very much a home-centered congregation. Families come to Sunday School together. Parents come with their children to confirmation etc. Maybe what we are doing is wrong but we feel strongly about the way it blesses families. As we talked about our home-centered ministry, we talked about film and how film seems to often tell the stories of how the child goes off and does their own thing not listening to their parents. In fact, often not even engaging in conversations with their parents at ALL! The more we talked and thought about it we realized most films today dont do a very good job of having families talk too each other. Our best example of a film that actually does that is “The Sound of Music.” Can you think of any other films that do a good job of having families communicating? That have families working together? I would love to hear what my readers have to say.

In light of this conversation yesterday, it seems to me that today’s actors need a community to support them. Most importantly a community of family and is that why so many of today’ stars either die to young or live very sad messed up lives!

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  1. Here’s a list of my favorite movies for children:
    Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, My Neighbor Totoro (Tonari no Totoro), Iron Giant (though it’s been awhile since I’ve seen this one).

    I realize they’re all animated movies, but I am at a loss to remember what live-action kid’s movies I enjoy. (I’m thinking early elementary school when I’m thinking “kids” — what do you have in mind?)

    For more discussion fodder, check out
    It has some interesting suggestions on it! ~H

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