Thought-Provoking Friday Five

Rev Gal Blog Pals writes: “There is a German expression: ich würde die Hand dafür ins Feuer legen, which means: ‘I would put my hand in the fire for that.’

I learned it many years ago, while reading the Best Reference Letter Ever: written by a very distinguished linguistics professor for a student who went on to win a prestigious international scholarship. This student, he said, was destined for greatness; and he submitted his judgment with the certainty of the expression above.

I’ve always held the concept as a very important indicator in my mind. “Would I put my hand in the fire for that?” I sometimes think, and it helps me to make a decision or see a situation more clearly. It’s similar to “is this the battlefield I want to die on?”

These days (certainly as every day) there seems to be so much difficulty, wrong, pain, injustice, and mismanagement in our world, and I need a little revitalization. Often when I feel this way, I’ll write a list of things for which I’m grateful, but that’s certainly been done, and I need a bit of a stronger draught.

So, what are five things for which would you put your hand in the fire? Things / people / causes in which you believe passionately and completely? This might be demonstrated in that you would take extraordinary (for you) action…donations, marching, writing letters…or merely in the way you live your life. You may give as much or as little detail as you wish.”

This Friday Five really got me thinking. What are the five things I would put my hand in the fire for? After some thought, here is what I came up with:

1. Mental Illness—My mom and sister both have battled with it. I’ve seen how others have treated them because of the illness. I also see ignorant people about the illness. I will fight for this illness forever.

2. Jesus/The Trinity/Faith–Where would I be without my faith? How could I not put my hand in the fire after what Jesus did for each of us? He died on a cross to save us for our sins. I respect others who dont believe in God but for me, I couldnt live and survive the ups and downs of my life without faith. The Holy Spirit walks beside me and brings peace into my life. I would put my hand in the fire for any one of those!

3. Diaconal Ministry—Not everyone is called to be a pastor, but is called to work in the church. Me being one of those people. I continue and will continue to be the voice of this roster.

4. My family and friends—I would do anything for those that mean the world to me and have been and will always be there for me. It is all about the risk of love!

5. Im having a hard time coming up with a 5th one…I guess Ill leave it at that!

God bless you all and have a blessed memorial day weekend!

3 thoughts on “Thought-Provoking Friday Five

  1. I appreciate all of these. It's nice to see #3 mentioned since I am not called to the pastorate, I am still trying to discern my place in the church.

  2. Such a good list. Thanks for the reminder in #1. I get so frustrated with stereotyping of people in case examples in our curriculum – guess that's where I also put my hand in the fire to say that the 'non-compliance' case does not need to be a person with mental illness (most of whom are very aware of the importance of treatment and more likely to be compliant than others …

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