Things I’ve Learned!

My friend SKDO did a post about 100 things she learned since her ordination. I like the idea and since this is my #201 post. I thought it would be fun to c0mmemorate my #200 post. Here are 100 things Ive learned since my consecration. It may have to be a running list because I’m not sure if Ill be able to come up with 100 right away. I hope you take the time to read this post even if you read it in chunks!

1. I’ve learned that I truly am called to diaconal ministry!

2. I’ve learned that many people around here have no idea what a diaconal minister is, or does or even what diakonia means.

3. I’ve learned that I need the support of my family and friends to get through life.

4. I’ve learned that seeing really good friends from the Mothership can do wonders for my soul.

5. I’ve learned that it is hard to facilitate change in my place of work.

6. I’ve learned that sometimes things happen in life that you dont expect.

7. I’ve learned that I living in a small town may not be the best thing for me1

8. I’ve learned that I enjoy being able to shop at bigger stores like Target etc. Maybe I am called to live in a bigger city.

9. I’ve learned that my co-workers truly do care about and will root for me.

10. I’ve learned that sometimes life hands you lemons and you have to learn to make lemonade.

11. I’ve learned how much I treasure my friends and family

12. I continue to learn what it means to truly be loved as a baptized child of God

13. Bringing coffee to work makes the secretary’s day.

14. Getting an unexpected package, call, email, etc makes my day!

15. Walking to work allows me to spend some time alone in God’s creation.

16. Ice cream softens the blow when I’m having a awful day….especially Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food.

17. How much I respect my seminary education and teachers.

18. How much I love teaching confirmation especially when you reach out to a child you never thought you would be able to reach out too.

19. Saying a simple “thank you” can go a long way

20. Scrapbooking is a great stress reliever

21. Im with SKDO. Finding time to write and scrapbook etc is almost impossible to find the time to do.

22. People respect you if you are just the person God created you to be.

23. The woman of my condo aka “my adopted grandmas” bring such joy and peace and grace and loveto my life.

24. I’m valuable because I’m loved by God.

25. That sometimes I just need to get away.

26. That watching pointless reality tv shows and soap operas helps me to laugh and stay sane!

27. Being only a quick drive from Super Awesome Bible Camp is fabulous!

28. Its not all about numbers but rather about quality…does that make sense?

29. That I can be both aggressive and not aggressive all at the same time.

30. Having a coffee break every day is a great break in the middle of the day.

31. That my sister and I are closer now than we ever have been.

32. Life is full of opportunities.

33. That one of my gifts is definetely not leading music.

34. Smiling can brighten just about anyones day.

35. That sometimes things happen that we never could have imagined like losing a camp friend to a care crash.

36. And that in that death, many people were brought together because of the love this friend showed all of us.

37. Being in a community near a lake makes it difficult to have things in the summer.

38. Having friends in other countries allows me to escape to those places with them in their letters, cards, photos, etc.

39. Not driving my car allows me not to spend so much money on gas as high as it is.

40. Trusting my gut is the best thing.

41. Listening to good music while working allows me to get things done quicker and faster.

42. Writing a newsletter article sneaks up on me and also isn’t the easiest thing to write.

43. Living directly across from the church can be both convient and inconvient all at the same time.

44. That when you change things about yourself like getting highlights or contacts, parishioners don’t always notice right away. Or they notice but cant always put a finger on what is different.

45. Having an office in the back corner isn’t visible for others to see.

46. The prairies bring me peace

47. Preaching for the first time can be nerve-wracking.

48. Cooking for just myself is a pain in the butt and therefore I eat things I probably shouldn’t eat as much like pizza.

49. Ice cream white walls are extremely boring!

50. I’ve learned that being able to confide in those I trust is a blessing.

51. Being on a different time zone than the rest of my family is no fun!

52. I hate making phone calls for some reason

53. Laughter truly is the best medicine!

54. Attending weekly text study is great for me even if I dont preach. I’ve learned so much from the area Pastors and lay leaders.

55. We dont need to save everything…especially files from before I was even here.

56. Working with youth brings a smile to my face.

57. Getting youth to memorize and get their confirmation requirements done is like pulling teeth.

58. Catching up on blogs is easier said than done.

59. Fundraising can be fun especially if the youth enjoy it.

60. I’m a synod assembly nerd. I like attending them just for the fact of seeing good friends and colleagues.

Thats a start…Ill add more as I think of them!

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