The Word and Creation

In the book of Genesis, we read the story (or stories) of creation. And at the end of each day, God looked at everything God had created and said “It is good.” Then on the seventh day, God rested as God took a Sabbath from all the hard work God had been doing.

I’ve always found the words “It is good” to be intriguing. God took all this time creating the world, the animals, Adam and Eve, and then God said, “It is good. It didn’t take them long to show us the power of sin in our lives. Did God say those words knowing that Adam and Eve would mess up and would sin? My guess is, more than likely, God knew, yet God still uttered the words “It is good.”

Have you ever sat down to create something? As a writer, poet, and creative being, it always amazes me when God prompts me to write or create. I can say that every time I sit down to create something, I am hardly ever satisfied at the first attempt. It takes me a few tries to get it exactly where I want it to be. But, my friends, I think that is the gift of the words our God says in the creation story. God reminds us that no matter how we feel about what we create, “It is good.” Those words remind me of children using their imaginations to create. God calls us to create with that same carefree abandon.

Honestly, I do not know where this series will take us during this month of October, but I am trusting the path God is leading me (and us) down knowing that God sees it as good. I have a feeling “This feels like a Choose Your Own Adventure book” series will be a combination of my own creative thoughts and writings, the creativity of my friends and family, and even a mix of Bible study as we learn the ways in which we, as people of God, can make the Word made flesh in our broken messed up world.

Because I don’t know about you, but in this broken world, we need to bring about some beauty…in all of its marvelous forms!

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