The Value of Tears

This picture was shared on Facebook today and oh how true these words are! I am keeping it simple today since I am traveling home from a gathering with dear Diaconal brothers and sisters.

Tears are so telling of my story! I think they are telling of many of our stories because they say a lot about our identity. They express the grief we experience through our deep dark places.

I’ve always been a crier. In fact to this day I am still a crier. And many times those tears; that grief–the grief I experience because of our journey of mental illness often surprises me. It comes at unexpected times and in unexpected places. Yet it is at those times I have been most aware of the connection between my story and my tears. There is indeed value in our tears because our tears tell a lot about who we are.

10 thoughts on “The Value of Tears

  1. I'm a crier too. This post reminds me of something I shared on my blog today "Don’t be too worried if you feel like you are giving or receiving your true colors at home in a way that isn’t appealing. Chances are you're also seeing a lot more intimacy and camaraderie than all those strangers that see the cleaned up version."

  2. I wish I was a crier and knew to expect tears. They surprise me in moments I wasn't expecting to feel vulnerable. But there is gift in this vulnerability that invites true, compassionate connection. Where we receive comfort from our companions and from God.

    Thanks for this reflection on the value of tears.

  3. so true, I have never connected more with the women in my small group than when someone shares through tears. laughing and sharing our stories is one thing but tears are vulnerable and open and sometimes that is when you truly learn things about someone. I don't cry a lot openly so if I do it is definitely a window to my soul. Great post!

  4. I love that last line – that our tears tell a lot about who we are – I love to read Emily Freeman's blog and she writes often about paying attention to the tears. I love that…

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