The Turning of Seasons

I am linking up for the Five Minute Friday  today. The FMF is hosted by Kate Motaung on her blog Heading Home. Today’s prompt is “turn.” Write for five minutes; unedited.

The combine turns and moves its way up and down the field. The seeds have turned from seeds into wheat, soybeans or whatever crop we may have planted. My aunt, Dad, and Uncle take turns driving the combine; hoping and praying to get the combining finished within the next week. As I watch them turn down the field, I am reminded of how easily the seasons turn around these parts.

The leaves continue to turn; from green to hues of burnt orange to bright reds. And as they turn, they fall to the ground reminding us once again of the turn of the seasons. Soon the leaves will no longer be around and our yards and sidewalks will be covered in white fluffy snow. Again another turn of the seasons….

Months will turn from one month to another on the calendar and after what seems like a very long winter, the snow will begin to melt and the leaves will begin to return on the trees. The air will be filled with cool crisp spring weather. New life will come as baby calves are born. Again another turn of the seasons…

Before we know it the days will turn longer and it will feel like the days last forever. Spring will turn to summer. And we will find ourselves spending much time enjoying the longer days. The heat of the sun will turn our skin from the pasty white of winter to either sunburnt or tanned. Our hair will be sunkist. Again another turn of the seasons…

Our seasons turn from summer to fall, from fall to winter, from winter to spring! The beauty of God’s creation changes as it turns from each of these seasons.

12 thoughts on “The Turning of Seasons

  1. I think every season is my favorite season right as it turns from the old one to the new one ;). Welcome to the FMF crowd! Do you know about the Thursday night twitter party? Happens arounds 5-7 pm with the hashtag #fmfparty.

  2. Love that you found beauty in every season, so glad that God changes things up on us every so often.I may be a little bit jealous, living in Southern California we don't see the seasons change as much. Great post.

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