The Test of Faith

Day 28 of 31 Days. Today’s word prompt is “test.”

Life often throws obstacles at us. Death, the dreaded C word, natural disasters, a broken marriage, the loss of a child. The list goes on and on. It is often during these times that our faith is tested. Will we come through on the other side a better person?

I know that my faith has been tested during my 41 years of life. But it was during these times that God truly showed up. God showed me that I was not alone. God would never leave me or forsake you. God never leaves you or forsakes you either.

These tests are not tests that we can study for like a test in school. But Scripture is here for us to turn to during these tests of life. One of my fave Scriptures is Psalm 30:5. “Weeping comes for the night, but joy comes with the morning.” Also during death, from the book of Romans, I love the promises in these verses. “If you live, you live to the Lord. If you die, you die to the Lord. So then, whether you live or whether you die, you are the Lords.”

8 thoughts on “The Test of Faith

  1. Another one of my favorite scriptures.

    “The pain that you’ve been feeling, can’t compare to the joy that’s coming.” Romans 8:18

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