The Table of Grace

The weekly Five Minute Friday word prompt for this week is “table.”

Bread and wine

Broken and Poured

At the table of grace

Jesus himself

Life given and shed

Father, forgive them

For they know not

What they are doing.

At the table of grace

Forgiveness offered and given

Love embodied for us all.

At the table

The communion of saints

Now and then

Saints gathered in every time and place

A reminder that God welcomes all

Welcomes all to the table of grace.

It is here

At the table of grace

That I, that we come

Knowing the body and blood

The bread and wine

Are given to us all.

The body of Christ

Given for you

The blood of Christ shed for you!

22 thoughts on “The Table of Grace

  1. “Jesus himself

    Life given and shed

    Father, forgive them

    For they know not…”

    the aspect of forgiveness as the meal of communion, just hit me as the flavour of absolute satiation. You put all that down so simple, but the message as searing as fire that prepared that meal. Oh wow. Thankyou for a full course spread here, ,
    FMF friend,
    Stay blest

  2. I am reminded of the Sidewalk Prophets “Come to the Table.” Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem with us.

  3. I once spoke with a heathen gent
    who found us Christians odd,
    for every time to church we went,
    we seemed to eat our God.
    But there is so much more, he said,
    and laughter came as flood,
    for you say, “How sad He bled!”
    and then you drink His blood!
    He could easily understand
    eating enemy after battle’s end,
    but (and here, he spread his hands)
    how can you eat a Friend?
    In that question a crack so thin
    opened wide, and Christ walked in.

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