The Sting of Death

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A last breath taken way too soon. Sometimes the sting of death is so glaringly obvious. Some of my friends lost one of their friends this week. She died way too young. My heart breaks for her friends and family.

Then there is our blog brother Andrew battling with cancer daily. Each day getting harder and harder. Death will come. And it is a day I don’t want to accept. Why does the sting of death burn so deeply?

Fall reminds me of my friend E.G. and her beautiful son who died very young. A sweet boy who I’ve only met in photos, but who I love because his parents are some of my favorite people; dear friends in my life. This boy lives through the memories of his family. He is Resurrection hope embodied.

Death is a part of life. It often stings so deeply. Yet I find comfort and perhaps acceptance in these words from the book of Romans. “If we live, we live to the Lord. If we die, we die to the Lord. So then, whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lords.”

Friends, these sweet words are balm to my weary soul. Sweet words that I can accept as I trust in the promises of resurrection hope. Because life not death has the final word. In the words of Clarence W Hall, “Easter says you can put death in the grave, but it won’t stay there.”

And for that I’m eternally grateful!

40 thoughts on “The Sting of Death

  1. Have you heard the Matt Maher song “Christ Has Risen From the Dead”

    Here is the chorus

    Christ is risen from the dead
    Trampling over death by death
    Come awake, come awake
    Come and rise up from the grave

    Christ is risen from the dead
    We are one with Him again
    Come awake, come awake
    Come and rise up from the grave.

    I am so thankful that death does not have the final word.


  2. Tara, thank you for the callout…though I wish it were for other reasons! 🙂

    Funny thing about death. I think of it more as a player in a game that I know I will eventually lose, in this life, but not as a final arbiter.

    The grave could not hold Jesus, and He made darn sure it wouldn’t hold me, either.

  3. Great to see you via Five Min Fri. It’s so important to carry both of those truths, isn’t it – the sting of death, but also that it is not the final say. Sending love to you as you carry these situations in your heart

  4. So this hits me in a fresh way this morning: Jesus knows how much death hurts, from both sides. He mourned His friend Lazarus. Then He felt the agony of His final breath. There’s something really comforting in knowing that He understands the pain in that way.

  5. It is hard to accept the pain of death, especially when it impacts us or those we love. I’m grateful for the hope we have in Jesus that death will not triumph in the end.

  6. I think it is always good to remember the sting we feel here is due to our lost –but never theirs! They are in the Presence of God… where all of Heaven knows full well that Death has lost it’s sting. We just feel the slightest hint of it as we grieve. Praying for you and for your friends!

  7. The sting of death is hard to accept, and we miss those who have gone on before. But God can give us peace as we trust we’ll see our loved ones again. Blessings to you!

  8. I really appreciate this, Tara. In a few days it will be the 3rd anniversary of my mom’s death. At her funeral the pastor spoke on the verses where Jesus says that he goes to prepare a place for us so that we can be where he is, forever. As with the verse you quoted, this truth makes it a bit easier to accept death (even though we still struggle and have questions), because we know we are never out of God’s presence, in death or in life.

  9. Death and sickness are so hard to accept, you are right 🙁 But I do like the hope in your words, and the friendship you invest in despite the pain.

  10. Just beautiful Tara. Whether we live or die, yes we are the Lord’s. There is so much loss going on, but I am so grateful to know that this time is going to be so hard to even measure compared with eternity. Thanks for sharing your post today. You touched my heart.

    Blessings for the week ahead.

    Visiting from 67

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