The Silent Broken World

The Silent Broken World
By Tara L Ulrich

The world is full
Of so much brokenness
But do we see it?

Do we see
Those in trouble?

Do we hear God’s words
For all God’s people?

Or are we blind to it?

Are we willing to interpret
Our neighbor’s actions
In the “best possible light?”

Are we willing to
Admit our own privilege
And our own part
In creating this world’s brokenness?

The world is silent;
Often deaf
To what we hear.
Our own silence
speaks volumes.

Jesus’ death on the cross
Pierces this broken silent world;
A megaphone to rouse the world
From its own complacency.

Are we willing to
Journey to the cross
Experiencing, hearing and seeing
All that God has to offer us?

God sent Jesus
As the ultimate example
of God’s scandalous love
For all the world.

Are we willing
To trust in that promise
Before this broken fractured world
Gets itself into more trouble?

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