The Risk and Joy of Community

Day 9 of Write 31 Days! Today’s word prompt is “join.”

I joined a writing club at my local library when I lived in Moorhead Minnesota! It started out as a great experience. But once I was vulnerable and shared my story, I offended someone else in the writing group. That was not my intention at all. Yet it was a risk I took when I joined that writing group.

The latest news with Ellen and George W Bush has me thinking about this too. Are we willing to be friends with those we disagree with? Are we willing to be kind despite our differences? The thing is God made us all unique and we are all going to have different passions. We are not all going to join in at the same time and jump on the same band wagon.

The most important thing is that God calls us to join and be in community together. We are made to be in relationship with one another. We need to love God, love each other and love ourselves more. (Did you see Annie F Downs big news?—The Love Big Tour?) This is a risk more of us need to take!

10 thoughts on “The Risk and Joy of Community

  1. Community is difficult for us introverts ;). But I know it’s still important, and I’m trying to be intentional about joining in because it gives me the perfect place to find people to love :).

  2. I have been wrestling with this too. I tend to shy away from people that I disagree with. I don’t like conflict. So, out of fear, I clam up and avoid those I disagree with. I have been thinking about how to show kindness to those around me, not just the ones I agree with. Thank you for sharing this very thoughtful post.

  3. We truly do! Ellen’s words made so much sense (and by the same token, George Bush’s actions that night did too — I don’t think he got the same kind of grief from his community about sitting next to Ellen (and enjoying it) as she did from hers).

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