The Messy Hope of Christmas

Today feels different! I feel like I’m forgetting to do something after a month of writing and following a great devo. There was no Christmas Day worship due to an impending storm. It is currently freezing rain.

My sister and I ventured about a block to deliver a few Christmas gifts. By the time we got to their house, the wrapping paper was soaking wet. Luckily, the wet paper was overshadowed by the joy of a young child ripping into his present.

After visiting for awhile, we ventured back home. The rain was pelting my sister and I. As we arrived home, Dad was getting ready to take C back to work. The garage door was frozen shut. And in all this craziness, I can’t help but think of the beauty in this story. As my friend JC tweeted last night, it is so much more than just a bedtime tale! YES!!

The Word became flesh and broke into this broken world through this holy infant. This one who cries into the silence of the night announcing his arrival. An arrival that changes the world and hopefully changes us. A baby who births subversive hope into the world today and every day after.

And so this afternoon, I find myself thankful for this incredible radical gift; who steps straight into the shit of our lives. This one who knows the cries of my heart. This one who promises to never leave us or forsake us. This one who is the prince of peace, everlasting father, wonderful counselor, mighy God!

In the words of my friend KK, Jesus is this one we celebrate who comes in the midst of “life and truth and messy messy hope!!” Amen! That is who we need to celebrate today and every day!!

Merry Xmas!!

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