The Joy of Writing

Day 3 of Write 31 Days. Today’s word prompt is “problem.”

I have always loved writing. It is a gift that God has bestowed on me. Yet lately the yucky parts of life have been thrown at me and I seem to have lost my passion for writing. My problem is that I have lost the joy. My prayer is that hopefully writing daily will return that joy and passion.

Writing is what helps me process through life’s joys, sorrows, and problems. Writing is something that has made me happy since I was little. My mom has shared stories about how all I needed was a pen and paper and I was a happy kid. Just pen and paper….no toys!

Writing and blogging have blessed me in so many ways. I’ve made incredible friendships. I’ve grown as a writer. I’ve self published my own book.

12 thoughts on “The Joy of Writing

  1. I hear you on the struggles. I am also more — something — wary? — now that my whole profession is editing. Will I let a participle dangle (especially in a free write)? Will I make sense? A colleague once read a personal piece of writing then said, “It was good once I took off my editor’s hat.” WELL … I will still write … it is a gift at least to myself to help me process. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. so nice to come back over here and see you writing. And thanks for reaching out today. I have missed you, too!!! Looking forward to writing to day 31 together.

  3. Tara I am so glad that you are writing again and I pray that you find that joy again too. I think we were a lot alike as kids. I was very happy with paper and pen. My dad would bring pads home from work and I would fill them all up. I’m glad you are embracing your gift again and allowing it to grow again.

  4. It’s a blessing to read your words as you share so honestly from your heart. I will be praying for you that the seeds that were sown during the quiet time will bring a harvest of joy-gifts from the Spirit!

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