The Holy in the Midst of the Ordinary

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“Joy to the world, the Lord is come let earth receive her king, let every heart prepare him room, and heaven and nature sing, heaven and nature sing, and heaven and heaven and nature sing.”
This year I feel like I have been especially in need of the hope, joy and love that comes with the waiting for Advent. So often, we forget the true meaning of this season. Without the journey to the manger, Christmas cannot come. For me, to slow down and savor Advent and Christmas reminds me of what this season is all about. 
Jesus is the Word made flesh who comes and lives among us. “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. All things came into being through him.” Jesus; the incarnate Word who came to bring light in the midst of darkness, joy in the midst of sorrow and so much more. Jesus who is indeed Emmanuel: God with us. 
Jesus was born in the stench and stealth of the manger. Jesus cried out into the silence of night to remind us of the promise that comes in the birth of this child. One of my favorite verses has become Psalm 30:5 “Weeping may come for the night, but joy comes with the morning.”

It often feels like we are in a season of weeping and we find ourselves yearning for the weeping to stop. But Jesus is the gift; the joy that comes in the morning if we let him. In the words of my friend Susan, Jesus is our hope and hope changes everything. Jesus is the hope and joy that comes in a baby born to the unlikeliest of woman, born in the unlikeliest of places reminding us all of the holy in the midst of the ordinary. 

The holy in the midst of the ordinary is sundogs on the ND prairies. Holy is in the joy seen in a childs face at the Christmas tree lights. Joy is found in so many and various ways. Where do you find joy and see the holy in the midst of the ordinary? Take some time and look for it. 

28 thoughts on “The Holy in the Midst of the Ordinary

  1. I love the "slow down and savor" that Advent brings also. I've been finding joy in those quiet moments of seeking Him in His Word alongside so many beautiful Advent devotions. Enjoyed reading this! Nice to meet you Tara.

  2. Sundogs! We have them in New Mexico, too.

    You said this beautifully, Tara. I like to think, though, that in that manger there was also warmth, a welcome from the animals whose eyes were not deceived by preconception. They knew Who was suddenly among them, and I believe their innocent love was a great comfort to Jesus, mary, and Joseph.

    Though they probably did have to gently shoo aside an overly-inquisitive cow or two.

  3. Joy is late night movie watching with teenage daughters who need to know Mama loves them. Joy is being able to give the gift of a Bible to a friend who is searching.

    Joy is the miraculous birth of the King of Kings as a baby.
    Melinda (#7 at FMF)

  4. A student brought a lizard to class this morning. It brought me joy, and it was unexpected. The night temperatures ranged from 11-22 this week, and I've never seen a lizard in December. The marvel of God's creation always brings me joy.

  5. My little boy who loves big bear hugs. My little girl girl who loves to color, and my big girl whose favorite part of the day is Mommy and Cathy time. I loved your post friend! -Jolene

  6. yes, finding joy in the ordinary…. When I lose sight of this practice, life seems overwhelming. But it's not when we cling to hope, and joy, and peace. Thanks for this reminder!

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