The Greatest Reward

I am linking up for the Five Minute Friday. The FMF is hosted by Kate Motaung over at our Five Minute Friday website. Today’s word prompt is “reward.” We would love to have you join us.

I love watching shows like Spring Baking Championship, Kids Baking Championship, Trading Spaces and so much more. The end result is always so satisfying for those involved especially those that win the challenge. Often times they get dome sort of advantage in the next contest. In the end, someone wins and is rewarded.

Life is not to be all about rewards. Yet I’ll admit a reward is nice sometimes. I’m not picky…an ice cream cone, a simple comment such as a job well done. The greatest reward will not be found here on earth. But rather in heaven!

“For your reward will be great in heaven.”

Tomorrow, it will have been three months that Grandpa has been gone. Last week, we celebrated one year since our friend Ben’s funeral. Today is the one year anniversary of the loss of a beloved seminary professor. And these are just the beginnings of the anniversaries. The beauty is that they know the promise of eternal life; they know the reality of the reward found in heaven.

May we too know that reward one day.

18 thoughts on “The Greatest Reward

  1. Hi Tara! I really enjoyed your post today for Five Minute Friday. Our reward will be great in heaven! I love to be reminded of that! Thank you so much for sharing your words of encouragement today. I am your neighbor on Five Minute Friday, and just wanted to stop by and say Hi. Have a wonderful, blessed weekend!

  2. Maybe we can reward God?

    Dear God, in a world gone mad,
    I’ve still got your back,
    and this badass Asian man
    will charge into attack.
    I’ll fight Satan where he lives
    and there will be no respite;
    for the stupid lies he gives
    he’ll feel a Great White Bite.
    Don’t care if I survive this fight
    ’cause worry is for cowards
    and I don’t fear the night,
    so “On, me, blokes! Onwards!”
    To hell with pain, to hell with dread,
    I’m focused on what lies ahead.

  3. My heart goes out to you as there’s been another loss. Thank you for your perspective an for sharing so candidly.

  4. Oh Tara, I’m so sorry you’re suffered another lost s of a friend. Yes, we need to remember rewards on earth are nothing compared with the reward in Heaven! Thinking of you!

  5. Rewards can definitely be encouraging but keeping eternity in mind helps us have the right perspective. That will be the most amazing reward of all.

  6. Tara, your thoughts about heavenly rewards are comforting to us when we think of loved ones we have lost, and who are receiving them now. And they can act as a spur for us here as we seek to be good and faithful servants of God. I’m sorry to hear you’ve suffered another close loss. But it’s heartening to see how positively you aim to view them all. May God heal your heart as you grieve and rest in the relationship memories you have to treasure. xo

  7. I share your affinity for simple rewards like ice cream cones. They are God’s offerings to us as “tastes” of Heaven. The reward in Heaven will put even the most scrumptious treat on Earth to shame.

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