The Changing of Seasons

Day 6 of Write 31 Days. Today’s word prompt is “notice.”

Green trees morph into various colors of red, orange and yellow. Hues of reds, oranges and yellow leaves cascade and fall to the ground, The changing of seasons visible to the eyes of the beholders.

The birds getting ready to migrate south for winter. Farmers getting in the last harvests before the snow falls. Pumpkins found in almost every store. And pumpkin spice in various forms found on shelves at the grocery store. The smells of Fall all around….apple cider, cinnamon and so much more.

Do you notice the movement of God’s hand as the seasons change? Are you a noticer? Do you notice the rich fall colors appearing in the fall foliage? I love living in an area of the country where we experience all the seasons?

6 thoughts on “The Changing of Seasons

  1. I am so happy to live where we get to enjoy the beautiful colors of fall. I didn’t get that in Arizona. A few trees changed color, but very few. Each morning brings a new treat here in Michigan. Loved your descriptions. It is important to notice.

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