The Book Is Always Better than the Movie!

Sitting at the dining room table, the Thanksgiving meal spread before our eyes. My little girl eyes look up and notice the Lord’s Supper picture hanging on the wall behind us. An elderly looking white man, hands folded, praying over his meal. It is one of those images that is engrained in my mind as that was not the only place I saw that picture. It seemed to be in every house I ever stepped into during my childhood.

Have you ever thought about the ways the story of Jesus and the Bible has been made Flesh in our world through movies? A Google search reminded me that there are several movies embodying the story of Jesus. The movies include The Passion of Christ, Jesus of Nazareth, The Greatest Story Every Told, The Last Temptation of Christ, The Nativity Story and the Son of Man.

I hadn’t really noticed it before but recently in a conversation with a friend, I was reminded how in most of these movies except Son of Man, Jesus is portrayed as a white man. But think about it…Jesus is a Jew which means he was definitely probably more brown skinned than white. As this friend shared with me, I had to think about how even the movies of Jesus are not as accurate or good as the real thing; the Bible.

Just like the book is always better than the movie, the Bible is the real deal and tells us the story of Jesus; his life, death, and resurrection. Jesus was a world changer. Jesus wasn’t afraid to flip some tables and sit with tax collector and sinners. Jesus loved to turn the world upside down and remind us of the power of God.

And all of this power was born in the stench and stealth of a manger in Bethlehem, as this precious little infant son was born into the world. This infant son who would come to bring about change and calls us to share the story of God’s love by sharing this story in the world. By sharing the story, we embody the words of this precious love letter by bringing them to life and sharing the Word made flesh in this world by being disciples who continually share the Word from “Samaria, to Judea, to the ends of the Earth.”

15 thoughts on “The Book Is Always Better than the Movie!

  1. The plethora of Michael Landon looking white Jesus's makes me get excited to see any other race Jesus, even if they aren't accurate either. The movies are a good tool, but they will never ever be as good as the Word. I agree!

    • Thank You. But that's the thing Jesus wasn't born in a hospital but a manger where animals were living thus stench and stealth of the manager. Sabbath blessings to you too!

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