The Big 50 Sunday Blessings

(1) Texting my friend KH and getting a text back from her. Missing my NWMN friends!!

(2) Getting to help out a friend. I love spending time with her girls.

(3) Tucking in my friends daughter and having her lean in to give me a kiss. So sweet!!!

(4) Spending almost two hours catching up with a dear friend.

(5) A cool ministry moment; giving a young gal a prayer shawl.

(6) A great first night of 7th Grade Confirmation

(7) Having a youth ask if I would do a special Backpack Blessing for him. Standing in my office with him and his mom, my hand on his backpack, praying over and blessing his backpack. Such a neat moment!!

(8) Volunteering and helping out a friend at the Wine Walk. So much fun and I got a bottle of wine!

(9) A Thank You card from JH

(10) Finally getting to watch my Huskers on tv this year! And watching them kick some butt!!!

(11) Volunteering at an event. So much fun!

(12) A great morning of blessing our Sunday School teachers and our preschoolers and 3rd Graders as they received their Bibles this morning.

(14) Installation of PB at FLC this morning and Installation of PC at LCM this afternoon.

(15) A great meeting about ELCA youth gathering. Such an eager group of youth and families!

(16) Spending time with my good friend EG

(17) Texting and chatting with JH about Practice Discipleship stuff

(18) Some of the most amazing friends in the world. When I moved to Minot almost a year ago, I was so fearful of making new friends. And now almost a year later, I can’t even begin to put into words how incredibly blessed I have been by God. God has brought so many wonderful people into my life. Some days it almost seems so unreal and I have to pinch myself. So thankful and blessed!!!

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