TGIF Friday Five!

1. What’s your view of meetings? Choose one or more, or make up your own:
a) When they’re good, they’re good. I love the feeling of people working well together on a common goal.
b) I don’t seek them out, but I recognize them as a necessary part of life.
c) The only good meeting is a canceled meeting.
Im leaning torwards A! I think if people can work well together and accomplish a goal that is an amazing feeling!

2. Do you like some amount of community building or conversation, or are you all business? Im definetely about community building and conversation. I enjoy getting to know people and feel that is so important to being part of a successful team.

3. How do you feel about leading meetings? Share any particular strengths or weaknesses you have in this area.
I dont mind leading meetings but feel it is not one of my strong suites. I am organized which is a strength but one of my weaknesses is that I dont always feel comfortable leading.

4. Have you ever participated in a virtual meeting? (conference call, IM, chat, etc.) What do you think of this format? I have not participated in any of these types of meetings.

5. Share a story of a memorable meeting you attended. A memorable meeting…..For me its probably my endorsement interview at seminary. I had struggled with some classes but had stuck with it. DUring my endorsement interview meeting, I was asked about my struggle with classes. I answered. Then one of my professors who was also my advisor spoke up and said, “Do you know how easy it would have been for T to walk out that door, shut the door, and never look back? It takes more guts to stick with it.” Those words and that meeting have helped me get through many hard times in my life!

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