Telling the Truth

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I am spending the weekend at our synod youth gathering. This morning I found myself once again parked in a chair listening to our awesome speakers. We did an activity where they had the youth and adults write down all the labels and lies we give ourselves or have been given by others. It was a powerful activity as they then shared how we can combat the labels and lies with the truths in our lives. 

I remember as a little girl playing at the park and being called names; given labels and lies from a very young age. I’m not good enough. I’m not pretty enough. Your mom is crazy. And the list goes on and on. Yet we are too combat those lies and labels with truth. 

Because when we are truthful with ourselves and each other, we are helping make the Word made flesh in this world through the people and through ourselves by sharing our truths. So what are the truths that combat the lies and labels you’ve been given in life? 

For me, I know that the truth is….I am an encourager.
I am an advocate.
I am enough. 
I am a writer.
I am….

For when we live out our truths, the Word is once again made flesh in this world.

18 thoughts on “Telling the Truth

  1. some other truths that combat those lies? Romans 8:1- There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus! that is an awesome (in the truest sense of the word!) statement based on the most objective facts we could want!

    I peter 2:9-10 is also rich with encouragement. we are a chosen people, royal priesthood, called from darkness into His marvelous light, GOD's people, people who have received mercy…

    and that is just a couple. what a hopeful exercise to think of, particularly when we consider who GOD is and how small we are compared to Him. it is all the more amazing that He stooped to our level and came to earth to pay for our sin in the way He did. what a great reminder:) martha #45

  2. I did this in March and I couldn't believe the lies I believed (and sometimes still do). The truth is getting a little easier to tell though.

    I hope you have a great rest of your time. ☺️

    Visiting from fmf.


  3. Why? Why do we believe these lies? I don't have the answer but I do understand the danger of listening and responding to the lies. BTW, the song you introduced on Lesley's blog is on my playlist. He is making something beautiful of you and me.

  4. Beautiful, Tara. God has had to erase the lies I believed for so many years. He's in the process of re-writing them with His truth, and for this I am beyond thankful. There is despair in lie, but healing in the truth.

    Great post!

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