Telling our Stories Offers Sweet Relief (Five Minute Friday)

Tonight I spent time on Twitter multitasking between a #fmfparty Twitter Party and an Incourage #girlfriend gathering Twitter party. It is such a joy to find community online. I never knew how incredibly blessed a girl could be. I am so lucky to have dear friends who bless me each and every day; those InRL and those in online community. Thanks for loving me friends! And always reminding me who I am!

I am linking up for the Five Minute Friday. The FMF is hosted by Kate Motaung on her blog Heading Home. Today’s prompt is “Relief.” Write for five minutes; unedited. (I am also featured on the FMF Intro video this week as well. Hope you enjoy!)

Our stories are never easy to tell. Each of us carries with us our own stories of brokenness and death and destruction. It took me a really long time to share my mom’s struggle with a mental illness. I never realized how much relief there would be in telling my story. But the truth is, my friends, that in telling our story; our story of brokenness but also of joy, redemption and resurrection I have felt sweet relief; the sweet relief that only Jesus can give.

Our stories tell people who we are. But  they also remind us of who we are. Our stories are full of vulnerability. Yet that vulnerability also opens us up to be brave; to continue to share our stories in the hopes that others will find relief; sweet relief in knowing that they are not alone in their own journeys of brokenness.

Our stories won’t always bring the relief that others will want to experience and will need to hear. Yet in sharing our stories with each other, God is there among us. God has a way of overcoming death and the grave. God, through his son Jesus, always offers relief; a sweet relief that we all need and yearn for. So, my friends, tonight please know you are not alone. God is there in the midst of all of the brokenness and God is also there in the midst of our moments of joy as well. God has sent his son Jesus to bring us relief; sweet relief!

18 thoughts on “Telling our Stories Offers Sweet Relief (Five Minute Friday)

  1. Isn't online community amazing? It can be so hard to find people who "get it" in real life and so easy to find our flock online! God is amazing and I feel so blessed to have the relief and encouragement of our online community! God is good! Thanks for sharing your story! Every story matters!!

  2. What an awesome post Tara and I loved your video! Well done my friend 🙂 The sweet relief you talk about is true for me as well. Once I shared my story for the first time was kinda like a release…it broke chains that held me in bondage. But once I spoke openly to that crowd…well that sweet relief, the redemption and salvation was given to me by the Lord himself! What an AMAZING feeling!!! I pray and hope that more people are able to experience such relief!!

    • Thanks Shannon. Glad you loved my post and my video. I love the imagery of the chains being released because that is exactly how I feel too when I shared my story. I too pray more people experience such relief.

  3. So, so, so true, my friend! I am finding that the more I share of my story, the more strength I feel and relief at times too. I'll admit that it's not always easy to see that for me, but when I have those moments when thing are less turbulent, I can see how far I've come and that some of the biggest moments of relief have been as a result of sharing. Loved your video, my friend! Love you too!

    • Sometimes it can be so hard and I totally get that. But once there is some light and less turbulence, it is nice to look back and see that sharing our stories can bring some relief. I am glad you loved my video. Love you too!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing! It's really nice to "meet" you on the video today!
    Your words are so true, our stories have such power and we should share them. And God is with us in all of this, what a constant encouragement!

  5. Amen! " Yet in sharing our stories with each other, God is there among us. God has a way of overcoming death and the grave. God, through his son Jesus, always offers relief; a sweet relief that we all need and yearn for." <—loved these lines. So glad to have a chance to read your post today and hear your interview. I have family in Western ND, and my mom grew up in a farm town there. It is lovely that we can share our stories from all corners of our country and world. <3 jenn, FMF

  6. Yes to all of this Tara! Telling our stories opens up a hidden place in our souls that when we set it free feels like freedom but only because we have allowed God to guide that story. One step of sharing our story becomes many steps of bravery because we begin the healing and sharing of who we are with others. Blessed we are FMF neighbors!!!

  7. This is my first FMF experience/week, so it was fun watching your video and piecing together what the FMF community is about!! Loved your post and seeing the lessons I've been learning spelled out as there is much relief and healing in sharing our stories and seeing how God can transform them and use them. Thanks for the encouragement!!

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