Take Delight (Part 2)

Oh my friends, remember yesterday when I posted about taking delight and how God sees us.

My friends JK and CK are expecting their second little girl in just a few short weeks. JK posted some of their maternity pics last night and I fell in love with each and every one of them. I mean seriously how cute can you get! 🙂

I love these two and their little girl (and baby #2) more than words can say! JK and I hit it off from the moment we met each other. We may not talk every day or even every month but I know I can count on her. She is honest, loving and caring; a dear friend in my life! And her hubby is no different. They are such a team together and I love watching that play out in their lives.

JK and CK have not led a perfect life. Like the rest of us, they too have had their own ups and downs. But they have always clung to each other and to their faith in God; one of the many things I love about them.

When I look at their world/their life, I see a picture of a couple; of a family who delight in the Lord. And oh how thankful I am for that example in my life. They remind me that there is so much hope and promise when we delight in the Lord! I see that in their little girls smile. I see that in their love for each other. I see that in our friendship.

Thank you my friends for that beautiful reminder!! Love you more than words can say!!!

4 thoughts on “Take Delight (Part 2)

  1. Taking a moment to think about the people who lead me by example, thanking God for them and asking me to press on that I might be an encouragement to those coming up behind me. Thank you for the simple reminder.

    • Wendy, glad you are taking the time to think about those who have led you by example. I am so thankful for the many friends/family who have led me by example too. My friend (who inspired this post) said I made her both cry and smile at the same time. You are so welcome for the simple reminder. I want to remember to take more time to remember the simple things.

  2. My good friend just had a little boy over a month ago and I loved him from the moment I knew he arrived. I know how you feel about your friends little ones and ones to come. Thanks for reminding me of how blessed I am.

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