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Last week my friend Anna blogged on the Desires of our Hearts over at the InCourage community. If you didn’t get a chance to read Anna’s post, here is the link: Waiting for the Desires of my Heart.

From that day on, Anna’s words have continued to speak to my heart. I am a 36 year old woman who has always pictured her life ending much like the fairy tail endings of the movies and fairy tales. Yet I am no closer to that desire than I was then. My arms are still empty. I still come home to a dark empty house and an empty bed. Though I am choosing to trust in this one who indeed sees me and knows every desire of my heart; every desire of your heart.

With my empty arms and an empty bed, it is pretty evident to me that I am still waiting on those desires. Yet the truth is that God still sees my empty arms and my empty bed. He knows exactly what those desires are but most especially God sees me and knows my heart! There is so much hope in being seen. I think of Mary who was seen and was chosen to be Jesus’ mother. I think of how Jesus chose Moses and Noah and so many others. They didn’t think they were called but God saw them and called them. God calls us too!

That call comes in so many ways, but I think one of the ways we are called is to see each other; is to see each other’s gifts and share those gifts with the world. There is so much joy in being seen by others. Last Thursday I was so excited to open up my work email and see that Living Lutheran wanted permission to repost one of my blog posts on their website. It totally made my day. Someone had seen me…and thought that what I had to say was ENOUGH!

But the truth is we aren’t always seen. Sometimes (a lot of the time) we continue writing the words on the page but we don’t get the book deal or someone else’s post gets more hits than ours do. The words flow onto the page but there is no end in sight. The words sometimes feel like they are being poured onto the page only to vanish. Our words never vanish in God’s sight. God continually hears and sees the desires of our heart. God continually says, “You are mine. I see you. And I love you.”

Trusting in that promise, I am leaning into God continuing to keep company with him. The Message translation of the Bible translates Psalm 37:4 this way “Keep company with God, get in on the best.”

I am linking up with these awesome amazing writers today. Their words always speak to my heart!


12 thoughts on “Take Delight

  1. Congrats on the honor. I would love to read it when it goes live. He see all our needs. We can come to Him empty and lonely and He will feel us up with His love.

  2. I LOVE the Message translation of Psalm 37:4; hmmmmm, and WHY did I not go check that out?! Usually when doing my Bible reading, devotions, journaling – I read the scriptures in several different versions; and a lot of times, the Message really speaks to me!

    I can certainly see that coming home to an empty house and an empty bed may be discouraging; but God DOES know your heart and the desire's. He knows what you need and WHO you need; and…well, he knows the PLANS HE HAS FOR YOU and has you in His heart to fulfill those plans!

    I also KNOW how you must have felt to open your work e-mail and have someone asking permission to re-post one of your posts! Having people read my blog posts and comment – that makes my day. I know I don't have thousands of followers or readers or whatever; I certainly don't have thousands of likes or people reading…BUT, all that really doesn't matter!! Those who DO read – and leave such encouraging and heart-felt comments…that is what really matters to me, even if it is just ONE!

    Thank you for sharing! Thank you for reading…

    • I too have come to really appreciate the Message translation. I love how it translates Psalm 37:4 too. Yes, God does know my heart and my desires. But there are days that is so easy to forget. I agree, even just one comment, makes my day. Glad that I could stop by and read your posts too.

  3. "Keep company with God, get in on the best." I love that! Thanks for sharing your desires Tara. I pray God fills you up with Himself as you keep company with Him. I pray that for myself as well. 😉

  4. I love this, Tara. Thanks for your tender candor. I take such solace in knowing we serve El Roi (God Who Sees). Trusting Him alongside you! (Kirsten/www.eighttwentyeight.org — can't seem to get my comment to post!)

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