A Few of My Favorite Things about Summer

We’ve been in a heat wave the last couple of days! It has been hooooot and humid! I love when the weather is nice. One of my favorite things about summer is getting to be outside. I love sitting on my porch and reading a good book. Today I sat outside for like 5 hours (on and off; was running inside to check on my laundry) reading my book. Some of my favorite things about summer are being barefoot; enjoying a nice iced tea, Crystal Light, lemonade or even just nice cold water; reading a good book (today it was “Jayber Crow” by Wendell Berry). The only thing that could make it better would be being with a good friend or being at the lake or at the swimming pool. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as nice as of a day. Happy 4th of July everyone!!!!! Stay safe! Thank you to all those that have fought for our freedom! Let freedom ring!

Happy 4th of July Everyone!