There are times when I feel like I’m just throwing words onto this blog and opening myself up for all the world to see; utter and complete vulnerability. Why is it so much easier to let it all out here instead of in person? Sometimes I wish I had the guts to speak what I’m thinking and feeling out loud! Just some thoughts rumbling around in my head tonight!

What Makes Me Beautiful!

A friend recently told me about a Ted Talk by Brene Brown about “vulnerability.” Little did I realize how much of a gift her words would be to me until I watched her video this evening. Thank you dear friend for asking me if I had ever watched this beautiful video. These 20 minutes taught me so much about myself and about life and where a complete gift!

“I am enough!” You are enough! Yes, it is so simple. Yet her words are so true! When we are kind to each other, we are kinder to those around us. Brown talks about how those who have a strong sense of love and belonging have a strong sense of worthiness.

But most of us have a hard time being vulnerable. We have a difficult time sharing our sadnesses, our emotions, etc. In fact so often we try to numb those things by overreating or buying something we DONT need. And when we numb these things, we also numb joy, happiness, and the other good emotions. WE CANNOT NUMB these emotions so we need to be vulnerable.

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of joy, of love, of belonging, of creativity, of faith.” Oh how true…when I share who I am with the world. It is who I am and who God created me to be. The words that continually are replaying in my head after watching Brown’s visit are these words. “What made them vulnerable is what made them beautiful.” Oh yes……what makes ME vulnerable is what makes ME beautiful. My struggles in life, my disappointments, my unaccomplished dreams, my family’s struggles with mental illness…all these things make me beautiful!

My friends, may you too find that what makes you vulnerable is what makes you beautiful as well!