Guilty as Charged

Miley Cyrus… the VMAs. I didn’t see it but I’ve heard enough about it. I’ve heard about it on late night tv. I heard about it at Zumba at Curves tonight. She was practically unclothed; twerking with a gentleman unstage.

Yes Miley is guilty but what about the others who were on stage with her. Robin Thicke is just as guilty. From what I understand, he let her twerk him. Then it would seem to me that he is just as guilty as her!

And what about the music producers and others who let it happen? Wasn’t there a rehearsal? They couldn’t have been completely in the dark could they have. They all are “guilty as charged!”

Neither Robin Thicke or Miley Cyrus’s examples are what I want the youth in my life to watch. Too much of our world especially the celebrity world are all about sexuality. Aren’t there better examples for our youth? Yes absolutely there are!

Who are “good”celebrity examples for the youth in our lives? Can you think of any? Why are they good examples?!