Sunday Blessings 109

(1) A beautiful sunset

(2) Beer and Hymns with EG, KG, LL and PK.

(3) Getting back into a workout routine.

(4) More Christmas cards

(5) One of my fave little boys stopping me and giving me a hug.

(6) Some of my SS kiddos talking my ear off.

(7) A great night at FLY

(8) The People’s Choice Awards

(9) Doing circle Bible study at one of the local nursing homes.

(10) Voxes from KA, MG and TM.

(11) First FMF Twitter party of the new year.

(12) Out doing errands and run into a friend; MH.

(13) A phone call from my daddy

(14) Trying out our new Tim Hortons

(15) A warm house on a frigidly cold day

(16) A children’s sermon based on my friend Laura and the mat carriers text.

(17) A Saturday night movie; finally watched The Social Network

(18) My car starting in this frigid cold

(19) Chili cheese Fritos

(20) The Golden Globe Awards

See you next week friends!

Sunday Blessings 108

(1) Watching Monday Night Football with Dad, Cork and Ann.

(2) A fun text from a friend with some cool news.

(3) Grandma making Ann and I dumplings!!!

(4) Texting with EG, MW, STM etc

(5) STM texting me a sweet pic of Lucy!! Love!!!!

(6) Test driving Uncle Terry’s old car to see if I want to use it for awhile.

(7) Listening to Gma and Gpa talk in German.

(8) Driving with Dad to Ellendale.

(9) Eating lunch at the cafe with Daddy.

(10) RRS depositing my check for me. Thank you sweet friend!

(11) Looking over and seeing Gma and Gpa holding hands.

(12) Ringing in the New Year with Gma and Gpa.

(13) A cool moon

(14) Watching the Rose Bowl parade with Gpa.

(15) Completing living a A year of brave

(16) New Years Lunch and supper at the farm and more Rook playing.

(17) Driving my “new to me” car home.

(18) Rice Krispies, chocolate chip cookies, pickles, sausage sent home with me from Gma!

(19) Lots of fun mail; Christmas cards, a package from Grace Glimmers and snail mail party.

(20) Finding Christmas goodies in my office.

(21) A great morning of worship

(22) A sweet thank you gift from a friend.

(23) A great day for a drive

(24) Writing a poem and framing it for my dear friend.

(25) Erin’s ordination!!!!

Sunday Blessings 107

(1) Staff lunch at Primo

(2) Finishing some Christmas shopping.

(3) Dad and Ann coming to rescue me when my car died 30 mins from home.

(4) A kind stranger helping tow my car into town so I could at least wait at the cafe.

(5) Good Samaritans who stopped and checked to see if help was on the way and if I was ok.

(6) Dad, Ann and I towing my car to town.

(7) Christmas Candlelight Service at church.

(8) Uncle T singing one of my fave songs at that service as special music “Mary Did You Know?”

(9) Opening presents; so many blessings. Love them all. Two of my faves; a sister necklace/bracelet from my sis and a keyboard for my iPad.

(10) Christmas Dinner

(11) Meeting Baby Jaren and playing with him.

(12) Seeing Leslye and crew and visiting with them.

(13) The longest craziest Rook game of the century! So fun!!

(14) Watermelon candy cane

(15) Watching Erin Brokovich and Blind Side with my sissy.

(16) It’s cold but the sun finally came out. So good to see a blue sky.

(17) Huskers win the Foster Farms Bowl!!!!! Go Big Red!!!!

(18) Voxing with my faves.

(19) Watching FB with my dad and sissy.

(20) A treat of getting to sleep in.

(21) Texting with my faves

(22) And in 2015, YOU!!! You all have been blessings in my life.

Sunday Blessings 106

(1) A great gathering about the Metigoshe Ministries building campaign; good fellowship and goodies!

(2) Grandma Alvina’s cheeseball

(3) Friends who are into Essential Oils and will borrow them to me. Hoping these Essential Oils will heal my cold sore much faster!

(4) Grace

(5) Great text study

(6) A shorter church council meeting

(7) Making it home in time to catch the end of the #chsocm Twitter party!

(8) Confirmation small groups

(9) Awesome FLY Christmas party

(10) Delivering Giving Tree gifts to two local elementary schools.

(11) TS treating me to a Berry White Chocolate from Caribou!! Dessert in a cup!!!

(12) FMF Twitter Party

(13) Running into colleagues at Target.

(14) An email from a fellow blogger wanting to send me a gift for being her comment queen!

(15) Mom’s Christmas party

(16) Texting with EG

(17) Texting with CT and getting a phone call from her too!

(18) Watching a Home for the Holidays.

(19) Someone’s Christmas gift making it to my house before Christmas!!

(20) Sharing about nativities and showing them pics of my collection at the WELCA Christmas gathering.

(21) Baptisms

(22) An invitation to join one of the baptismal families for supper and enjoying supper with them.

(23) Two sweet hugs from members of FLC.

(24) Listening to KL share about her “Peace not Walls” trip to Israel/Palestine/Jerusalem.

(25) Feeding baby E his bottle during fellowship time this morning.

(26) Winter Solstice concert

Sunday Blessings 105

(1) Awesome YouthWorkers Christmas Gathering

(2) Receiving a sweet piece of snail mail from my friend EG.

(3) Christmas cards in my mailbox! I love getting real mail!!

(4) Lavendar bath salts

(5) Snow!!!

(6) A stranger shoveling my walkway.

(7) Reba marathon. Love that show!!

(8) Meeting a new eight week old baby.

(9) Great Christmas program and family service.

(10) My new LuluRoe leggings

(11) The movie “Elf”

(12) A post liturgical nap!!!

Sunday Blessings 104

(1) A fun Luluroe Facebook party and getting a fun new outfit.

(2) Community gathered far and wide grieving our dearly beloved friend Laura.

(3) A great renewal team meeting

(4) Texting with MW.

(5) A sweet Vox from MG

(6) Hugs from KG and one of our sweet church ladies.

(7) A sweet call from MW to check on me.

(8) A great potluck with the LCM board. So much fun!!

(9) Circle Bible study at the nursing home.

(10) Two of my Confirmation students wearing yellow to class not knowing that it was one of Laura’s fave colors.

(11) Spying sunflowers randomly throughout the week reminding me of sweet Laura.

(12) Finally getting Rend Collective’s Campfire Christmas cd.

(13) Dickens Festival with momma

(14) Jamaica Me Crazy Steel Drum Band.

(15) Running into my friends RP and NP and getting to hug NP.

(16) Holding a three week old baby.

(17)Lots of hugs especially from some of my fave kiddos.

(18) A gorgeous 50 degree day

(19) A PLN!! (A post liturgical nap) That felt so good!!

(20) YOU!!

Sunday Blessings 103

(1) Voxing with TM

(2) Treats delivered to my office from one of the ladies at church.

(3) Voxing with KA

(4) Voxing with MH and MG

(5) Coffee with my dear dear friend CT

(6) Peppermint Bark Latte at Broadway Bean and Bagel

(7) Coloring with Mr. E

(8) Banana Cream Pie

(9) Voxing with Marie

(10) Getting a ride home from VR.

(11) Proud of two of our youth gathering sharing about why they are thankful after Detroit for our Thanksgiving Eve worship.

(12) A nice drive home for Thanksgiving

(13) Thanksgiving at the farm; time with family, yummy food, etc.

(14) A chill day at home; watching the Huskers (Sadly they lose to Iowa but they’ll beat them next year!)

(15) Fitness Feast. Thanks Lindy!

(16) Knoephla Soup

(17) Playing Rook with Dad, Ann, Uncle T, Aunt P, Aunt N and Gma. So much laughter!! And some people really get competitive!

(18) Playing with Dakota; the puppy.

(19) My Thanksgiving Road Trip CD selection–Rend Collective: As Family We Go; Matt Mahrer: Saints and Sinners; Martina McBride: Everlasting; The Time Jumpers; Birds of Chicago: Live from Space; Rend Collective: The Art of Celebration; and Rachel Kurtz: We Are.

(20) Decking out my house for Advent/Christmas

(21) Papa Johns Pizza

(22) My first Christmas card in the mail. Thanks STM and family!

(23) Enjoying my lights while watching tv.

Sunday Blessings 101 & 102

(1) A text from a church member sharing how much she enjoyed my sermon yesterday.

(2) My new Write 31 days t-shirt and tank top arriving in the mail.

(3) Guest posting at a friend’s blog sharing about our caregiving experience! (You can check that out Here)

(4) Bible study with some of our church ladies at the nursing home.

(5)Goodies sent home with me.

(6) My first Peppermint Mocha of the season. It hit the spot today.

(7) Nathan Dungan event

(8) Repeating as the Lutheran Campus Ministry Chili Feed champion

(9) Family SS lessons for two weeks. So much fun!!

(10) Retreat at Camp of the Cross

(11) Getting to see Mr. E

(12) Fundraiser for a local young woman battling cancer and seeing an awesome turnout. (Sadly she lost her battle last night)

(13) Tootsie Pops

(14) A phone call from Dad

(15) A phone call from Momma

(16) Being on the launch team for my blog friend Kaitlyn’s book which will be released in 2016.

(17) A cool video of my aunt and uncle and family on our family farm promoting ND women farmers. So so cool!

(18) Catching up on some Voxes.

(19) Baby time with HH. Loved walking around and cuddling with him.

(20) Baby smiles

(21) Hugs from my fave littles

(22) Periscoping…I haven’t periscoped in so long.

(23) Hot cocoa
(24) With mini marshmallows

(25) A beautiful day

I am linking up at Inspire Me Monday!

Sunday Blessings 100

(1) Juicy Pear Jelly Bellies

(2) Talking to my Daddy

(3) A call from MW. So blessed by his friendship.

(4) YouthWorkers meeting. It’s been way too long. I missed these peeps.

(5) Beer and Hymns with EG, AH and PK.

(6) Running into Kyle D

(7) A great Confirmation class

(8) Awesome night at FLY

(9) Mail from my Daddy

(10) Fresh Apple Crisp

(11) Having a link to one of my Write 31 Days posts shared on Living Lutheran.

(12) Getting my sink fixed which meant a new shiny faucet.

(13) A post bizarre nap

(14) Leftovers sent home with me. Thank You ladies!

(15)Compliments on my sermon

(16) Helping a friend out

(17) A tweet back from an author of a great book. So cool!!!

(18)My Huskers finally won a game after some really close losses!!!

(19) A beautiful Fall day

(20) Blowing bubbles with CM and EH today in my office.

(21) So much fun hanging with the family SS families. I’ve missed them!!

(22) Conference meeting and being elected as LYO advisor for our conference.

(23) Supper out with my friend KG and two of her three kiddos. Great cap to the weekend.

A Month's Worth of Sunday Blessings (#99)

(1) Beer and Hymns with AH and EG.

(2) Awesome Mexican food

(3) A great Confirmation Class

(4) The beginning of the Write 31 Days challenge.

(5) Time with Gma, Gpa and Aunt Nancy.

(6) Running into Pr. PH

(7) Celtic Thunder

(8) An invitation to go on a walk with my friend CD.

(9) Running into my good friend KG.

(10) Talking on the phone with my good friend MW for about 25 minutes.

(11) More fun with Gma, Gpa and N.

(12) Running into DLC peeps: LM and LS. Getting hugs from both of them.

(13) Visiting with the people sitting next to us at the concert and finding out they were all from Detroit Lakes, MN.

(14) Martina McBride concert. So so so good!!!

(15) Pizza, hard pear cider, good pizza and family hanging out at the Starving Rooster.

(16) Goodies from Gma–Zucchini bread, two jars of homemade pickles, a pumpkin, some potatoes, a zucchini and some tomatoes. Yum!!

(17) Shopping at the Mall. Some great finds at Herbergers and DressBarn.

(18) Mom calling on a regular basis again.

(19) Exchanging souvenirs with KG and SH.

(20) Having lunch with KG and LA.

(21) Getting a high five from little EG.

(22) A great new member class.

(23) The return of FLY for the year. I’ve missed those kids!!

(24) A thank you note in the mail from MD and BD.

(25) Writing a blog post and tribute piece from my blog friend Erin K.

(26) Voxing with TM

(27) A great turnout for Walk for Water.

(28) A sign left by my office door that made me chuckle.

(29) A nice little PLN

(30) A few much needed hugs at church.

(31)A surprise package from SS

(32) A great phone message that totally made my day.

(33) A surprise visit from AM.

(34) FMF Party

(35) Periscoping with the FMF gals who are at Allume. So much laughter and so much fun!

(36) Healthy Choice 100 calorie frozen Yogurt cups.

(37) Kemps Pumpkin Pie ice cream

(38) A lazy relaxing Saturday

(39) Hugs from one of my fave little girls and her mom.

(40) The lost FitBit has been found!!!

(41) Western ND LYO

(42) A rainbow

(43) A very sweet gift in the mail.

(44) The church’s Fall Festival carnival.

(45)Walking around with some of my fave kids at the carnival.

(46) Voxing with MG and KA

(47) Two bags of candy given to me to use for trick or treaters.

(48) A card and gift card from a dear lady.

(49) Finishing Write 31 Days and posting every day!

(50) Ann and I getting to see and spend time with mom.

(51) Quite a few trick or treaters.

(52) Finally getting my bday present from CT and giving her her present from me. I love my present!!

(53) All Saints Sunday

(54) An awesome text from a friend sharing some good news.

(55) Praying for PKN and MN.

I didn’t have to post today but thought I would since this is more lighthearted and this list has been on my phone all month. Enjoy!