The Most Gracious Athletes I’ve Ever Met!

Have you ever met people who simply exude grace to you? I can name a few people off the top of my head…my parents, my sister, my friends. But today I want to introduce you to some very special individuals who have taught me about grace and what graciousness truly looks like.

When I was at seminary, I had to do fieldwork to receive my degree. I sent letters home to some organizations in North Dakota explaining what I was looking for and if they would have any opportunities. I sent to the Ronald McDonald House, Special Olympics ND and so many other organizations. Special Olympics ND contacted me to let me know they had a position open for me.

So I moved back to North Dakota and lived with my aunt and uncle for the summer. During my time at Special Olympics, I got to interact with many Special Olympics athletes. And to this day, my friends, I am so very thankful for that experience that summer because these men and women taught me about the goodness of God’s grace.

I remember selling souvenirs at the State Summer Games when several athletes came to buy a new t-shirt, sweatshirt, etc. They would always ask me my name and I would tell them. Then in return, I would ask them their names and what events they were competing in that day. It never failed that someone needed a larger size and inevitably we were out. But they never got mad. They would ask my opinion and we would find them another new item of clothing to add to their collection.

But, my favorite example of these athletes was watching them compete. Yes, some of them had their competitive side. But for the most part, they simply cheered each other on. They would stand on the podium with smiles spread across their faces; whether they were standing in the 1st place spot or in the 8th place spot. They would be handed their ribbon or have their bronze, silver, or gold medal hung on their neck. After the medal ceremony, these athletes would run around showing anyone and everyone their new prize.

I remember standing there thinking…these athletes are so gracious to each other. They are gracious about winning…and they are gracious about losing. In fact, they are the most gracious athletes I have ever met. (I think our professional teams and athletes could learn quite a bit from them!) And I think we too could learn a thing or two from them as they continue to teach us the goodness of God’s amazing grace.

To learn more about Special Olympics ND, click Here!

Who Me?!?

Just the other day a friend posted a fun little meme on FB. I commented on her status and got my own letter…the letter B! The meme asks what word beginning with the letter you are given (in my case the letter B) reminds them of me!

I got words like babysitter, busy, bubbly, beautiful and BRAVE! Immediately I thought yes, I am busy. And yes I am bubbly. And yes I am beautiful…in my own ways! And yes I have definitely been a babysitter.

But brave….that one threw me off a little! Why did/does my friend think of me as brave?

When I think of brave, I think of those who daily battle with an illness. When I think of brave, I think of my Special Olympics friends! When I think brave, I think of my friends who have lost children…or a spouse! When I think brave, I honestly think of anyone but myself!

But yet that is the word that my friend used to describe me.
So I’m curious, my dear faithful readers, what makes me brave?!?

Camp Celebration and Special Olympics

My friend just posted on his blog about how March is National Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities month which inspired me to write this post! M’s blog is so well written and reminds us that we ALL are the body of Christ. If you would like to read it, you can find it at

This past summer the camp that I worked at for many summers did a camp for individuals who live with a developmental, emotional and/or intellectual disability. It was the first time SuperAwesomeBibleCamp held this special camp. They had a light number of people who registered for the camp so they went to the local nursing home and invited some of their residents to come out to camp for the week. One of them was my mom (who is manic/bipolar). The camp called and asked me to come join them for “Camp Celebration.” I talked to my colleagues at the church and they told me to go since I dont get to hang out with my mom much so I packed up my car and headed for camp!

It was such a joy to be at SuperAwesomeBibleCamp during this week of “Camp Celebration.” It was so much fun to get to know all of the campers for this wonderful camp. Wendy was this amazing woman who doesnt talk. She loved making pictures and communicating with us in her own way.What a gift it was to be with them. It was so much fun to share this place that means so much to me with these campers and most especially my mom. As I spent time with them, I saw how they each contributed to the body of Christ. They each brought unique gifts! What a joy!

Not only, do I remember those I met at “Camp Celebration,” but I also remember the many wonderful individuals I met while working with Special Olympics. Special Olympics is an amazing organization and through them, I met some of the most amazing people. Special Olympics and its athletes will always hold a special place in my heart as well. It has formed me and helped shape me into the woman of faith that I am today!

So as we celebrate National Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Awareness month, may we remember the gifts they each bring and that each one of us is a unique part of the body of Christ. And what a precious gift that is!

I try to be pretty anonymous on this blog but just had to post a pic of my mom and I during “Camp Celebration.” She was having so much fun!