Expiration Dates, Photo Books, Yummy Pastries and Two Mini American Flags

When it comes to expiration dates on food in my fridge, I am a little obsessive. I tend not to keep things beyond their expiration date even if it is safe to keep them. But when it comes to memories, I am a keeper. I love making photo books especially ShutterFly photo books. Memories are dear to me.

Last week I experienced so many wonderful memories. I got to snuggle baby Lucy for the first time. I seriously could not get enough of her baby snuggles. Baby Lucy and her mom are two important people in my life and their friendship is something I treasure and  dearly want to keep in my life along with many other friends.

Lucy, her mom, and many other friends and I also found the cutest little pastry shop. The desserts were so scrumptious. I indulged in a piece of mini carrot cake, a lemon poppyseed muffin and my favorite; the most amazing German Chocolate Torte. I ended up having to leave a few items behind at the hotel but there was no way I could keep them all the way home.

And on the last day, a friend and I were in the food court of the Renaissance center when I walked around the corner to peak at one of the restaurants menus. An African American man was sitting at a booth and noticed my Nebraska Cornhusker tshirt. He called me over to his table. He asked what I knew about Nebraska and I told him I was there for a youth conference. He proceeded to dig in his pocket and gave me not one, but two mini American flags. He told me that he was a Vietnam vet. He gave me the flags and asked me to give him a donation. I told him that I didnt have any cash on me and told him that I would have to come back. I handed the flags over to him but he told me to keep them anyways. Later I came back and he was already gone. I am planning on going online to give to the veterans association for this stranger I met.

Sadly I was not able to keep the flags because they were made out of toothpicks and I knew that they would not make it through airport security. But that memory is engrained in my mind along with many other wonderful memories!

Summer Fun and ShutterFly

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Shutterfly photo books offer a wide range of artful designs and embellishments to choose from.

Summer seems to be flying by way too fast! I have had so much fun. My hometown’s 125th Celebration, reconnecting with classmates, getting to go to Colorado for the second week of the Lutheran Academy of the Rockies as well as getting to see dear friends. Next week I head to Marriottsville MD for my Diaconal Ministry gathering. I always look so forward to that event. Something so holy and wonderful about being with my DM colleagues and friends who understand and have received the same call and know what it is to have to educate all the time. August brings about the first wedding I will officiate. I will be marrying one of the girl’s I used to babysit. Her siblings and her my sister and I call our “adopted” nieces and nephew. Their mom and aunt used to babysit for us when we were little. Lots yet to do but yet it is coming so quickly. I have been able to capture my trips in pictures so I have been working on ShutterFly books. Like my friend Sarah, I LOVE ShutterFly. I like how easy it is to navigate and that you can pick out different backgrounds, embellishments, etc. I had to finish my first one FAST because they have a 40% off deal going on now and it is only good through tomorrow. I FINISHED IT AND ORDERED MY BOOK TODAY