Choosing to Get on the Ride

As a child, I really wasn’t that fond of riding on roller coasters. But as I got older and as friends promised to hold my hand, I finally mustered up the courage to ride on a roller coaster.

To be honest, I actually now enjoy a good roller coaster ride. There is something incredibly great about raising my hands up in the air as we travel around each curve, over each hill and then down each hill.

Lately my life has felt like one great big roller coaster ride. I’m in the midst of a transition as I leave a place that has incredibly blessed my life and get ready to go to a new place. I’m excited for this new adventure but I’m also sad to leave behind the relationships and the place that has made me into the woman leader that I am today.

And that, my friends, is why I feel like I’m on a giant roller coaster. I am jolted from my seat every time we hit a huge bump. I feel every moment of the deep valleys and high mountains. I feel every moment of extreme excitement and every little bit of fear.

But in the end I’m glad I got on the ride in the first place. I’m glad that I have let myself give in, raise my hands in the air, and experience the pure joy especially after the fear and doubt I felt as I got on the roller coaster.

So for now I’m choosing to get on the ride…