Cooking Frenzy

As a single woman, it is so hard to cook for myself and eat healthy! It’s just so easy to pop something in the microwave or eat a bowl of cereal! But I strive to be a better healthier me! So when I take the time to cook, I know that I will eat better!

This weekend I had two crockpots going! I had taco chicken chili going in one while I had a Dr Pepper Roast in the other! All the recipes I found were on Pinterest! The taco chicken chili is one of my go to recipes! It makes so much and is so yummy!! I ate some of the roast and chili Sat night and then I froze the rest! It was so great to come home at lunch and tonight for supper to heat up some of what I froze! I ate so much better and it was a REAL meal not something out of a can or a box!

I also made some treats! I made Snickers cream cheese dip which is awesome on graham crackers or with apple slices! I also made Rolo cookies! And in addition, I made pumpkin streusel muffins! I’m hoping to share some of these treats because I don’t need them all for myself! However its nice to be able to eat treats in moderation when I want a little treat!

Any awesome recipes I should try? Favorite recipes to enjoy in the Fall?