“Grace Like Rain”

The scent of fresh rain is one of my favorite scents in the world. Yes, it can get old easily if the rain doesn’t stop for days. But at the sight of a much needed rain fall, I always feel such a sense of peace and calmness in my life. (Don’t get me wrong…too much rain can be disastrous!) Yet much, like the waters of my Baptism, the rain washes away all the dirt and makes things clean again. In addition, growing up with my Dad, Uncle, and Grandparents who farm, I also know the vitality of rain to the harvest season.

Do you ever think of grace like that rain that washes down and makes all things new? This morning, I was listening to my Pandora station when the song “Grace like Rain” by Chris Tomlin came on. It is one of those songs that I love because it is the words to the hymn “Amazing Grace” (one of my favorite hymns) intermingled with words from the new songwriter. The additional lyrics really caught my attention this morning: “Hallelujah, grace like rain falls down on me; Hallelujah, all my stains are washed away, washed away”

And that is the thing, friends, God’s grace does rain down on us. God’s grace rained down on me during my seminary journey. God’s grace rained down on me when I went to work at Super Awesome Bible Camp. God’s grace rained down and continues to rain down on my family as we journey the path of mental illness. God’s grace rained down on us during our parent’s divorce. In fact, the more I think about, the more and more I see the fingerprints of God’s grace in my life.  The truth is that God’s grace continually rains down on us through life’s joys and sorrows. And God’s grace continues to rain down on you too friends!!

Yes, sometimes the soil is so dry, parched, and desperately in need of rain and we keep asking for that rain to come so we lift up our prayers asking for God to provide. And eventually God does provide and the rain does come. The same goes for the grace of God. God knows when we need it and God will provide it for us. It is just often God’s timing is so much different than ours. (Do you ever wonder if God is in a completely different time zone than you are?)

Yet God always comes and rains down on each and every one of God’s people!

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