I am super excited. Some friends that have been trying for awhile to get pregnant are NOW pregnant! How exciting! I am so happy for them. I must admit my heart sinks everytime I hear that someone else is pregnant not because I am not happy for them because I truly am but rather because Im not at that phase in my life yet. But I did realize something the other day driving home from camp….in my own way I do have my own children. Ok so I have to explain a little. The camp counselors are almost young enough to be my children….mind you I would have been pretty young when I had them…but they mean a lot to me. Some of them I’ve known since they were little. Some of them were my campers and now they are camp counselors. The reality is I am glad that they are in my life and I care deeply about them. I dont want to see them hurting or in pain. Maybe for now that is my mission on this earth to be a caring adult/mentor in someone else’s life until Mr.Right comes into my life!