“Autumnal Eye Candy”, Preaching, and Faith

It is such a beautiful fall day outside today. I almost want to play hookie but must work instead! 🙂 There is something I love about all the seasons. I love watching the leaves change in the fall. So pretty! Hopefully Ill be able to catch some pictures in the coming days to show you my faithful readers. A friend stated that this time of year is like “autumnal eye candy.” I like that description!

In other news, not much is happening. I was suppose to preach this weekend since Pastor is out of town but I just found out this afternoon that I will not be preaching this weekend. No big deal at all but I am a little bit disappointed because it is our 3rd Grade Bible Sunday and the texts for Sunday fit soooooo well! They are all about faith! I also am a little disappointed because I had started my sermon prep work!

These texts about faith have me thinking about how faith is passed on….through caring, trusted relationships. We ask our Confirmation students to write a faith paper. The faith paper asks three questions, “What do I believe?”, “The Church is?” and “My Confirmation means to me?.” It is always so fun to hear their answers.I thought it might be fun to answer these questions for myself especially since my answers will be wayyyy different than what I would have answered 10 plus years ago! Im going to leave the last one off since its been awhile but I feel like I can honestly asnwer the other two.

So what does my faith mean to me or what do I believe etc? My faith is an important part of who I am as a child of God. I believe that God has called me and all of us as God’s beloved children. God wants me to share that love with those that I come in contact with each and every day. I believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross to forgive me of all my sins. We are all both saint and sinner! I believe that God is the source of all creation. I believe that God walks with me in both the ups and downs of life. God is the king of kings and lord of Lords. I believe in the Triune God; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Without my faith, I truly don’t believe that I could get through each and every day of my life!

What is church? Yes, I work at a church but the church is so much more than a building. “Where two or three are gathered in Christ’s holy name” is where church happens. Church is embodied through the caring, trusted relationships that are a part of this community of faith. Church takes place when we collect cans of food for the local pantry. Church takes place when I gather with my brothers and sisters in Christ wherever that may be! Church is in so many ways the hands and feet of Christ for me!

Well there are my answers to the question. Hope you all are enjoying a beautiful fall day wherever you are as well!