I’ve never been one who is good at saying goodbyes! And attending seminary didn’t help that at all, the community was always changing around me. I am thankful for a dear friend who shared Joyce Rupp’s book “Praying our Goodbyes!” It helped me look at goodbyes in a different light.

Now I’m not saying goodbyes are easy cuz they are not at all! I honestly have a hard time saying goodbye at all! I’ve been thinking more and more about this as I get ready to experience another goodbye in my life.

It is so hard to capture in words. I’m excited about this new adventure but it is so hard to say goodbye. I keep finding myself clinging to the word bittersweet; this is all so very bittersweet!

Yet I know in my heart of hearts that this is truly where the Holy Spirit is leading. I just wish saying goodbye wasn’t so hard and that saying goodbye didn’t involve me investing in Kleenex stock.

So as I prepare to say goodbye, I’m finding myself praying every moment; praying every step of this goodbye!

Praying Goodbye and a Smattering of What Ifs….

I just returned from a going away party for a good friend and her family. I used to hate saying goodbyes and I still strongly dislike them but with my seminary experiences of saying goodbye, I look at them at a totally different way. A friend recommended a book by Joyce Rupp titled “Praying our Goodbyes.” That book has become my mantra when I say goodbye. I’m excited for the new adventures this will bring my friend and her family. I pray that the transition goes well for all of them. Tonight as we gathered I found myself playing games etc with their three year old. I was climbing through tunnels and sliding down the slide with her. It was so fun!!! It made me reflect more on this current battle between my heart and my mind. I find myself asking a lot of “What if” questions!

What if….God is calling me to take on this new adventure?

What if……someday soon….God is going to bring my Mr. Right into my life?

What if…

What if…..

What if….