I normally consider myself a pretty patient person, but lately my patience has especially been tested. I long for the day that I meet my Mr. Right and can start my own family. Just the other day yet another friend announced her engagement. Honestly, I am so happy and excited for her! Yet it is in moments like these, that my patience really gets tested. At 33 years old, Im so ready and want these things so badly in my own life. It’s hard to trust that God is with me in the midst of all of this but the truth is that God IS with me. I keep looking down at the neon green bracelet on my wrist that I got at a cancer benefit the other day. It reads “Trust in God” and on the other side “Faith Hope.” Sometimes thats easier said than done though. I long and yearn so deeply for these things in my life. Part of me wonders if it will ever happen for me and the other part of me is trying to be patient! I just wish it wasnt so hard and frustrating…

Lunch Conversation Thoughts

I’ve been thinking a lot about a conversation I had about a week ago at lunch with some work colleagues. For some reason, the conversation turned to being single etc. Now many of you who read this blog regularly know that I am deeply yearning to be married, have a family, etc. My colleagues know this and respect it deeply. At lunch, one of my colleagues asked what I pray for when I pray about this. I replied that I often pray for God to give me patience, courage etc as I wait for my Mr. Right. This colleague then flipped this on its head and asked me to try praying for something differently. Basically he said “I should pray for God to put someone in my path who will bless me and who I will bless in return.” It got me thinking! I’ve reworded what Ive been praying for etc. I think often times we aren’t always sure what to pray for but God has this way of showing us how to reword it or whatever via other people etc. During the course of this conversation, we also talked about how church is definetely not the place to meet someone. Now I definetely know that, but I need to be more proactive about how I meet people. I love writing, poetry, etc. I am trying to find a writing group in this community….maybe this will be how I meet someone. I just continue to pray that God will put someone in my path that will bless me and who I will bless in return!