My Happily Ever After….

I was sitting at home tonight watching the movie “Never Been Kissed.” There is just something about this movie that always gets me. Maybe because in some ways, I see myself as Josie Gellar! I love the end of the movie. It seems like it isnt going to end happily and then he shows up. I wonder when my moment like that will happen but I also dont want to dwell on that moment. Im trying to find other ways to meet new people. I finally will be able to go to this writer’s group I found at the local library on Thursday evening. Im excited about that because maybe Ill meet someone special there but I also am not getting my hopes up! God will let it happen when it’s suppose to happen. I started reading this book called “Captiviting.” It is fantastic and really is making me look deep inside my heart at who I am etc. I know that in time my happily ever after will come!