Thank You Henri Nouwen! (Reflection on "The Wounded Healer")

It’s 11:35 pm and I just finished Henri Nouwen’s book “The Wounded Healer!” This simple little book is only about 100 pages long but is a complete gem of a book!

I love Nouwen’s books! They always speak to my heart! However I do believe nothing has spoken to me more than “Wounded Healer!” I found myself continually underlining and highlighting as the words of this simple book spoke to me! I bought this book and began reading it after my colleague asked me if I had ever read it! He said he thought I would like the book and boy was he right!!

I truly don’t even know where to begin! I find myself realizing more fully why my story……my family’s story….is so vital to share as it is so much of who I am! Yes we as a family have experienced heartache and brokenness but we have also experienced joy and happiness! Nouwen’s book reminded me that it is this pain; this loneliness that needs to be shared because of it God brings hope and new creation! I believe I’ve always known this to some degree but Nouwen has a way of clarifying it and helping me to see more fully why our experiences are so essential to sharing the Gospel message! Thank you for your words Mr. Nouwen! I am so thankful for this beautiful gift that reminds me that I am never alone but that you are with me; a wounded healer today and every day!!!